Soul Tattoos are a multidimensional form of healing using the alchemy of ceremonial tattooing.

A Soul Tattoo® ceremony is a transformational initiation into your soul’s light, truth, and divine expression, using a collection of ancient modalities, including ceremonial hand-woven tattooing, along with hypnosis/soul regression to activate your own creative alchemy, power, and magic, and more.

Soul Tattoos bring tattooing back to its magical, ancient, universal origins—thousands and thousands of years before the tattoo machine and the modern tattoo industry—when tattoos were light activations, spiritual amulets, spells, sacred coding, protection, feminine temple rituals, priestess initiations, and maps of the soul’s evolutionary journey, light badges of honor woven in light into the quantum field.

Soul Tattoos

are sacred talismans that carry the signature of your soul’s wisdom and light. 

It is through the deeply illuminating and transformative process of intention casting, past-life/soul regression journeying, channeling of your soul and soul tattoo through quantum healing hypnosis, plant alchemy, and ceremonial magic that we can harness the true nature of this ancient, sacred healing art, and use it to heal and quantum leap into deeper alignment with our soul’s true expression and destiny path. These markings woven by hand act as portals of becoming, symbols of empowerment, initiatory experiences, and medicine that goes much, much deeper than the art you see on the surface. In fact, the activation of a soul tattoo imprints your soul with a specific evolutionary healing that will be carried with you after you leave your present body form. Though a Soul Tattoo is a highly therapeutic, intentional healing experience of receiving a tattoo that is unique to each person, it is also deep evolutionary soul work that asks you to rise to alignment with who you truly are. This work is akin to plant medicine ceremony work in the bigness and life-redirection of it, but direct in it’s veil piercing and attuning to your soul light.

This form of tattooing is
Together we journey deep into the unknown to receive your sacred marking. Soul Tattoos ask you to trust the unknown, the infinite mystery, and your own soul’s wisdom in order to let go of control and access more of your own magical infinite nature. This is one of the deepest parts of the process for when you completely surrender to creation, and step into the magic of the mystery, creation moves through you and changes your life.
How Does it Work?

Soul Tattoo ceremonies are a three-part evolutionary healing experience. Your very own private transformational medicine retreat. First, we gather either in person or virtually to talk through your past, your present, and your future intentions and desires, before embarking on a soul regression using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. During this 4 hour regression we will journey to your last lifetime before crossing over to greet your soul, soul council, and soul family to discuss your soul’s mission, destiny, and purpose for the lifetime you are currently in. We will then conduct an interview with your superconscious where we will tune into the unique coding and energies ready to be imprinted on to your body in the form of a Soul Tattoo. Through remote viewing I will be channeling a drawing of what is being shown and expressed by your super conscious. I will then guide your superconscious to do a body scan and provide clearing and healing to the body, particularly on the placement of the body where we are guided by your superconscious to ink your sacred marking.

We will then gather in person for our Soul Tattoo Ceremony where we will ink by hand what we discovered through the regression into form on the body. Each Soul Tattoo ceremony typically includes a combination of plant medicine, shamanic journey, breath work, and rituals, depending on the unique energies coming through for each client. The superconscious guides us to the medicines, tools, and plants that are needed for the ceremony from my medicine bag.

A week or two after your tattoo initiation, we will have an integration call to further support you in embodying the medicine and changes moving through.

Soul Tattoo designs

carry the energetic signatures of your soul, channeled by your soul, to support, attune, activate, and guide you to your highest evolution.

Each dot, line, mark, and symbol contain intentional alchemy channeled by the wisest, more infinite, loving, powerful part of you, activating deep healing and transformation, placed on the physical body in accordance to the meridians, organs, and energy centers within the body to align the design to the placement on the body that can best support your evolution.

This is medicine work, not just a spiritual tattoo with soulful meaning. It requires clear intentions, desires, willingness, an understanding of ceremony, courage, trust, and devotion. These ceremonies serve as a catalyst for one’s transformation, an initiation into an expanded expression of Self, guiding each person to move further in alignment with their creative power, divinity, voice, purpose, and heart’s ancient wisdom.
By bringing a high-frequency, soul-led and channeled art piece with powerful intentions for soul sovereignty onto skin, we are opening a portal for healing through the piercing of the skin, and thus the piercing of the veil. Anything of lower resonance held within the body and energy body will begin to release to align with the frequency of the Soul Tattoo (your soul’s essence). These will be outdated beliefs, familiar patterns, energetic blocks, trauma, stagnant emotions, karmic loops, past life stories, ancestral stories, or any other limitations.
Soul Tattoos can help strengthen one’s soul gifts, activate one into their medicine and purpose, dissolve creative blocks, inspire authentic expression, call out one’s truth and vision, reclaim one’s power, voice, and soul’s wishes, and integrate one’s soul light into embodied form.
Within Ashley’s tattooing practice she honors the traditional lineages and custodians of tattooing and its sacred and cosmic origins. She pays her respects to all ancient tattooing practices, past, present, and future, for anchoring down this modality as a tool for collective healing and empowerment. Ashley is in no way using this work to culturally appropriate any of their traditional practices.
Tattooing is an ancient, powerful healing art form woven through all cultures of humanity since we came to this planet. The way Ashley practices this art form is connected to her own blood lineages (primarily of Celtic ancestry) as well her soul lineages, in dedication to the Earth, the stars, and the weavers of creation. If you are curious to learn more about the origins of tattooing as an ancient healing modality, please check out Ashley’s workshops and trainings on Sacred tattooing, which goe deeper into the history of tattooing as a feminine art form and the many lineages that have birthed this work into form across space and many timelines.