Soul Tattoo® Ceremony Application

First and last Name


Current Location

Birthday (including time and location)

What session type are you interested in booking?

2 hour Mini Soul Tattoo Ceremony - $550 base rate

Full 1:1 Soul Tattoo Ceremony (4-6 hour ceremony) - $1300

When are you interested in booking?

First Available Opening

March 2023

Spring 2023

I am available for a last minute opening (local to Santa Fe or nearby)

Please provide your website or social media if available, or just a little bit more about you here

Have you worked with Ashley before or engaged with any of her work (book/courses/previous Soul Tattoo/etc) prior to filling out this application?

Why are you feeling called for a Soul Tattoo session at this point on your journey?

What is your intention for your healing/transformation/creativity at this time?

What are you calling into your life at this time? (what do you desire to create/liberate/step into/transform?)

What are you ready to release to create space for the above?

Have you received a tattoo of any kind before or will this be your first tattoo? Have you received a hand-poke tattoo before?

Do you have any visions for this tattoo in terms of specific placement/size or feel/style/design? Or are there certain symbols/allies/elements you are intuitively feeling drawn to at this time? Example: Animal allies, floral/botanical, feminine figure, ornamental, etc. This is just so I can get a sense of your style and what elements you feel most connected to. If you have a few placements in mind, please share them here, otherwise we can work on this together in session. If you are already heavily tattooed, it is helpful if you can share the available body spaces you may wish to receive this Soul Tattoo on. If you are applying for a mini session, please just share any placements you may be feeling, etc. Mini ceremonies typically contain symbols and light language and are tiny tattoos or tattoo circuitries, not elaborate pieces with plants/animals, etc.

Have you done any healing, shamanic, ceremonial, or shadow work before on your path, whether with yourself or a trusted healer? Energy work, spiritual mentoring, breathwork, meditation, divination, medicine ceremonies, acupuncture, etc? If so, what kind?

Do you have any allergies to any specific plants, oils, cats, latex, or anything else?

Do you understand that you are your own healer and a Soul Tattoo will simply initiate you into your own healing potential, but you still have free will and have the make your own choices towards change/healing?



Are you ready to value your transformation commit to the investment (monetarily, energetically, physically, emotionally) of this sacred work, including your integration and taking steps forward post ceremony?



Is there anything else you want me to know or share with me at this time?

Would you like to add on anything to your Soul Tattoo ceremony?

Film photography mini portrait session (~45 mins, 5-7 edited film images) - $380

A larger (over 6X6 inches) Soul Tattoo - $250-450 extra on top of full ceremony case depending on size

No add ons at this time