Soul Tattoo® Ceremony Application

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    Birthdate/time/location of birth?

    When are you interested in booking?

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    Have you worked with Ashley before or engaged with any of her work (book/courses/etc) prior to filling out this application?

    Why are you feeling called for a Soul Tattoo session?

    What is your intention for your healing/transformation at this time?

    What are you calling into your life at this time? (what do you desire to create/liberate/transform?)

    What are you ready to release to create space for the above?

    Have you received a tattoo before or will this be your first tattoo?

    Do you have any visions/ideas for this tattoo in terms of specific placement/size or feel/style/design? Or are there certain symbols/allies/elements you are intuitively feeling drawn to at this time? Example: Animal allies, floral/botanical, feminine figure, ornamental, etc.

    Please upload a photo of yourself (this is so I can connect to you and better channel your tattoo if I feel called to design it before we meet)
    (Allowed file types: .png .jpg .jpeg)

    Have you done any healing, shamanic, or shadow work before on your path, whether with yourself or a trusted healer? Energy work, spiritual mentoring, breathwork, meditation, divination, acupuncture, etc? If so, what kind?

    Do you have any allergies to any specific plants or a cat allergy?

    Are you 100% open to this feminine process, ready to let go of control and allow the mystery of love and creation guide this work?

    Do you understand that is sacred, intentional, ceremonial work and must be valued and treated with respect, presence, and mindfulness?

    Do you understand that you are your own healer and this work will simply initiate you into your own healing potential, but you still have free will and have the make your own choices towards change/healing?

    Are you ready to value your transformation commit to the investment (monetarily, energetically, physically, emotionally) of this sacred work?

    Is there anything else you want me to know?