Are you listening?

How often do you listen to yourself? I mean really listen to your soul self. The voice within that anchors the heavens. The voice that carries all the wisdom of your soul. Infinite in her authentic expression of soul truth.

Or how often do you do things because someone else told you to, without checking in with your soul, whether it’s a friend, partner, parent, society, social media, or even a textbook, class, government, or someone you place as an authority over yourself? Perhaps it’s easier, to follow this set of rules, never question, get a session with this psychic, ask this teacher, put your healing in the hands of some healer, or put your faith in someone else to declare the answers/choice/direction for you.

But listening to everyone else but yourself will never empower you or set you free to make choices from your soul, which weaves the life your soul desires. It is your soul voice that opens the heavens, ignites the infinite, and guides you home.

It’s this voice that longs to be heard and expressed through you. That has a story to share, wisdom to honor, truth to be freed, creative expression to be ignited, and song to be sung. It’s this voice that heals you, liberates you, guides you, cheerleads you, and helps you to become the woman you came here to be.

Not a woman that seeks all the answers from outside herself. Not a woman that doesn’t trust herself therefore does not trust life. Not a woman silenced out of fear of being too much or not enough. Not a woman stuck in survival because she doesn’t feel safe in her mystery. Not a woman bound to a life she doesn’t desire because she made the choices she thought she was supposed to. No.

When you say yes to the things your soul declares no to, you silence yourself. When you say no to the things your soul is declaring YES to, you silence yourself.

You shush your needs, desires, wants, and pleasures, just like the patriarchy has, maybe just like your family did, or a past relationship. You diminish your true essence and show up in the world 1/2 the woman you are capable of being because you are disconnected from the purest source of feminine power and wisdom: your voice.

Feminine liberation starts here. Stepping into your power as a woman starts here. And this work can only be done by you. This is your superpower: CHOICE. So choose wisely.

I’ll leave you with a quote shared by one of our Bloom sisters, Noelle, that perfectly captures the feeling of this sacred gathering:

“My religion is other women.

This isn’t tongue in cheek.
My religion congregates around a fire,
in a cramped room we booked to talk,
in an idling car for way too long,
in someone’s living room,
in the cold,
because there’s more to say and hear.

There is a spark of divinity I know to look for
when she says something she’s never said out loud before.
There is a spiritual rumble in the dehydrated voices of women
who aren’t used to saying so much.
When I hear another woman articulate something
I’ve never been able to,
that’s the voice of my Goddess speaking to me.
It’s ancient, forbidden knowledge,
and it fills my body with my self.

There’s power in our warm red blood.”

~ Lane Lloyd

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