Becoming a Magdalene Initiate

My last relationship was my initiation into Magdalene priestesshood. I met my ex-husband on 11.22.2016, just days after I launched Soul Tattoos as my full-time practice. On 11.22.2017 I conceived my first star being and had a vision of me moving in with my ex, whom I broke up with 3 months earlier to be a liberated wild woman roaming around the country alone in a Toyota named Artemis with my camera and tattoo kit, creating in magical places, feeling free to be me. We reconnected a year after we met, and it only took one night and one choice to change my life. When I moved in a spider moved in with me and wove its web each day, destroying it by eating it each night. I miscarried while hearing the messages of the spider teaching me about creating from a place of feminine power.

I never wanted to get married, but when he proposed on 5.2.2019, 2 days after I mentioned the idea of marriage just casually over a text message once, I felt overwhelmed. There he was holding a ring he impulsively made out of wood a day before I got home to California from a residency in New York, shaking in fear. So I said “yes,” not being able to hear my own truth from the intense, unexpected energy of it all. He took a photo of me in the moment with my wooden ring on my finger, but my face was not one of joy, excitement, or anticipation of a loving future. I looked terrified. From the moment I said yes to something he desired and was pressuring me into from a place of feeling insecure by my unchained, nonsensical wild woman ways, my life began to revolve even more around his choices while ignoring my own. I realized, the moment you choose someone other than yourself is the moment you silence yourself and separate from the voice of your soul. We moved to one of the most isolated towns in California to follow his career dreams. I gave up my tattooing practice because I was no longer accessible to clients, and I became exactly what I told myself I would never be: a cliche stay-at-home, bored, repressed housewife.

We wed on 9.22.2019. We compromised and had a small, non-traditional ceremony I curated with 5 friends in attendance, 2 sisters, and 3 brothers. It was a beautiful day filled with beauty, more opening to love and trust, and “oh shit what am I doing” feels. Pretty standard, I thought, “it will pass.” The moment we went to the county clerk’s office to finalize everything and I changed my name, I suddenly felt my energy and spirit shrink.

For 2 years and 2 months exactly I exhausted myself trying to make it work. All the while Mary Magdalene was speaking loudly to me, asking me to free the Magdalene energy within me. To free the priestess, to claim the witch’s wisdom, to stand in my feminine power, embody the universe I am, and to speak my Truth. To come into sacred union with myself and see through the eyes of my heart, not fear. But I instead I sacrificed myself to be with a partner I never felt seen or heard by in return, but that was because I chose this partner while I wasn’t seeing and hearing myself. All relationships are mirrors. The anger that filled me from feeling like my desires and needs didn’t matter in this partnership was projected into my relationship, but I was really angry at myself for ignoring my needs and choosing this life I never desired.

On 11.22.2021, 5 years after we met, divorce papers were served. On the papers, I saw the number 22 written again and again because of the timeline that was woven through this connection. On this same day, I was set to begin my Voice coaching work with Nicolette, who came into my life after hearing a voice on 8.22.2021 tell me it was time to free my voice and call in support to help me, just days before I told my ex I was moving to Santa Fe.

It was through connecting to Nicolette that the messages I had been receiving from Mary Magdalene for years finally clicked into place. She was telling me about Saint-Baume where Mary Magdalene’s grotto is near where she lives in the South of France when I had a clear clairvoyant vision. I saw her and I on the mountain above guiding a group of women together and heard “Voice of Magdalene” whispered in my ear. I immediately said, “I think we are supposed to do a retreat together with Mary Magdalene and the voice of the feminine.” From there our retreat was birthed, commencing in France on 8.22.2022, with beds for 22 women, including our team.

22 is a number held by Magdalene. To save some of your reading time today, you can do your own research on the numerology of 22 and why she holds the frequencies of this number, and its masterful connection to Sacred Divine Union, bridging our material and spiritual lives, and the masculine and feminine. This number coming to you is a sure sign Mary Magdalene is guiding you.

Through my relationship, the Magdalene teachings taught me to never again silence the power of the voice of my soul and spirit’s guidance as it streams through me with such clarity and sureness. To always trust what I see, hear, and feel, even if others will project that I am a crazy, hysterical, nonsensical woman as they did with Mary. It is amazing what the masculine/masculine-minded can project onto a woman in her mysterious power. I’ve gotten called abusive, traumatized, delusional;, I was shut out and denied in my reality more times than I can count by people who claimed to love me for simply being a witch with more depth and wisdom than most people can fathom—a priestess, a sacred truth-teller, a woman carrying the flames of Kali, the rebellion of Lilith, and the voice of Mary Magdalene. But the moment we claim our power and step into the magic that we are, these projections cease.

Accepting this power, a power that only awakens through following the voice of my soul and making choices from that space, radically changed my life. In just 2 months I went from having no income to steadily attracting the most abundance I have ever have and growing from that, being technically homeless to living in a big house all to myself along the river and calling into my dream Tattoo Temple (more on this soon!), being unsure about my work in the world to stepping back into my medicine and relaunching my tattoo practice, booking out months in advance with women who travel from all over the country to co-create together, while also creating a dream retreat in the South of France with 22 women following the same call to liberate the voice of their soul to show up in their full feminine power and expression in life. And there is SO MUCH MORE.

The voice is what places you in the center of your web to create anything you desire. It is what bridges you from suffering to empowerment, doubt to trust in yourself and life, fear to bliss. It is what reclaims the ancient magic in you, connecting you to the ocean of wisdom that streams through your center. It is what calls you into your soul’s purpose and service to the world.

Mary Magdalene teaches that the path to Sacred Union in partnership begins with the pursuit of unity within, to unite the soul and the ego to embody your soul’s truest expression in the world—your purpose for incarnating into this life at this time. You are both human and Divine, connected to all the wisdom of the universe, holding all its creative power within you, for the Universe is the Divine Feminine, your Home. It is our path as women to liberate and restore the wisdom of the Divine Feminine that has been lost, or in Mary’s case, covered up while projected upon as a sinner and prostitute for being a powerful light of love.

The spiritual eye that lies within the heart of a woman is the resource that can save our world from separation and usher us into the Sacred Divine Union Mary was leading. If women can perceive just how powerful they are, and just how sacred the light of their love is, and trust ths internal magic, I can only dream of what will become.

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