Ashley’s books are now open for the Fall season (October and November) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To apply to sit in tattoo ceremony with Ashley, click the button below.

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How Can I Book a Session?
When books open each season, an announcement will go out via Ashley’s newsletter and an application form will appear on this page. If you would like to be considered for a session, please fill out the application form for the season you would like to book. Please note that at this time Ashley is booking up to 4 months in advance. Ashley and her team do not answer any booking requests via email, only through the application form provided when books are open. When the application is open on this page, it typically remains open for 3-7 days, or until all session spots are filled for that season. Each season there are typically 10-22 openings for that season. As applications are received, Ashley intuitively chooses the clients whom she feels are most aligned to receive a Soul Tattoo at that time, and accepted clients will be reached out to with availability and further info in the following days. Soul Tattoo ceremonies are a flat fee of $1,600 and are 4-6 hours in length. A $500 deposit is due upon booking to hold your spot, and the rest may be paid in full 7 days before your ceremony.
All sessions take place in Ashley’s private studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico unless a residency is announced through Ashley’s newsletter. Before booking, please read our policies below.

Ashley is no longer offering a waitlist for Soul Tattoos as it quickly became unmanageable. If you were previously on the mailing list or waitlist prior 2020, you will have to sign up again and apply for a session when books are open for the timeframe you would like to book in.

Anytime books are open, upwards of 100 applications may be received. Typically, Ashley can only see 4-8 clients per month, so many applicants do not hear back. At this time, because of the depth of her 1:1 work, Ashley is choosing to primarily work with clients who have engaged with her work in some capacity prior to a Soul Tattoo to prepare for these tattoo ceremonies. This can include reading her book, previously enrolling in one of her courses or workshops, participating in a group ceremony, or have worked with her in the past in some form. If you have not worked with Ashley before, it is preferred (but not required) that you have explored your healing, shadow, and transformation with another trusted healer, spiritual guide, ceremonialist, or energy worker prior to receiving Soul Tattoo medicine. If you do not hear back, you may keep applying each time books open. And please note that Ashley does not currently offer Soul Tattoo sessions to those under the age of 18 whether there is parental consent or not.

Everyone’s experience will be unique to them. Most clients feel nourished and calm and have a sense of empowerment and motivation toward their dreams and purpose. Some experience more creativity, waves of energy like things are moving and shifting, physical sensations in the body, new insights, perspective shifts, big emotional releases and energetic purging, past life memories, visions, an opening where things once felt blocked, a deeper connection to their guides and life path, or the courage to leap into the new. Most clients will experience some form of deep relaxation, sensitivity, and spiritual harmony.

A group soul tattoo ceremony is a unique group healing experience using soul tattoo alchemy. each group ceremony is a unique and intimate journey and shared experience for 4-8 people. most often group ceremonies will have a specific theme or shared group intention for healing. in these ceremonies, a unique soul tattoo is channeled for the group based on the collective energy of the group and woven onto skin by Ashley. the design is shared amongst the group for collective healing and placement options are channeled as well. these ceremonies also include specifically curated rituals, meditations, additional healing modalities, and movement to open to and integrate the tattoo alchemy. these are a more affordable way to work with Ashley in an intimate group setting and are typically offered once a month to once a season. these group soul tattoo ceremonies are perfect for a group of friends, a small, special event, family members, etc, as Ashley typically does not allow any additional people in her 1:1 sessions or offer more than that one session in a day. group ceremony events are announced via Ashley’s newsletter.

*please note that the tattoos woven in these ceremonies are very small and simple, but still potent and transformational.

Ashley is no longer taking requests for channeled tattoo designs virtually, but seasonally to once or twice a year, Ashley will release channeled tattoo tickets for purchase on her shop page.

In the 8 years of practicing intuitive tattooing, and the 1000+ clients Ashley has worked with, this has only happened a few times. When a client is an aligned soul match, there is a deep purpose and connection in receiving this work. Most clients when seeing their design for the first time have a deep soul remembrance and feeling of belonging and being seen. Each experience of healing is unique, and hesitation, doubt, fear of letting go of control, and resistance could be a part of your unique transformation process. This is common in any type of work that calls upon change in any form. Working through resistance to a design or symbol or placement could be a part of medicine the client is needing to open to more trust or expression, but alternatively, voicing their needs, desires, and boundaries and claiming a different placement could be as well. Sometimes it is important for a client’s unique healing for them to choose where the tattoo will be placed on their body themselves, and Ashley will intuit if this is so and guide the client to tuning into their body to feel into what the tattoo wants to love. One of the most universally healing aspects of this work is letting go of the ego, embracing the mystery, and letting the soul come in. Most resistance that comes up in sessions is a client working through the fear of what other people will think of their Soul Tattoo, often their family. But this is a deeper reflection of a fear of how your truth and truer expression may be judged when you step outside the boxes/labels/roles other bestow upon you and claim yourself instead. A Soul Tattoo is about you, your healing, your soul. All this being said, it is also about your body. Ashley will never pressure you to receive a design or placement alignment if it doesn’t feel right to you. It is so important that each client feels safe and trusting through the entire process. But 99.99% of the time, everything aligns perfectly.

The way that Ashley tattoos by hand is a more gentle, non-invasive form of receiving a tattoo that typically results in less pain and bleeding than a machine tattoo. Every client has a unique experience to pain. Tattooing (and healing) in general can be very stimulating to the thought forms we have subconsciously created to feel safe, triggering fear and resistance which then tells our brain we are in pain/in harm’s way. The more unsafe we feel in the body, or the more prone we are to anxiety, the more pain one can experience while receiving a tattoo, whether it be by a machine or by hand. Ashley creates an environment of calm and peace to ensure the most comfortable experience of tattooing as possible. Many clients fall asleep or drift into a meditative state while they are being tattooed. Others may experience more intense periods of pain if their nervous system is unregulated, they are holding on to fear, a lot of tension/stagnation in the area of the tattoo or are in their head too much during the tattooing process. There is no right or wrong way to feel, and every client is different and every step of the process of receiving their Soul Tattoo is medicine. Ashley is equipped to guide each client through the unique journey of receiving the tattoo no matter what comes up and how it feels. She is there to support you in moving through whatever arises and guiding you to presence, ease, and trust in your unique process.

Ashley uses an organic, non-toxic vegan black ink. Ashley only tattoos in black ink at this time to ensure the simplest, purest ingredients as most colored inks are filled with heavy metals, toxins, or ingredients that can irritate those who are sensitive. Ashley also uses and teaches eco/conscious tattooing, choosing to tattoo using biodegradable, compostable, natural, and earth-friendly products and tools. What is safe for the earth is safe for us.

The mystics, healers, wild women, witches, passionate dreamers, and soul creatives on a path of anchoring more of their magic, purpose, creativity, and light onto the planet. For those ready to leap into their dreams, their gifts, their full feminine power, and expand into a fuller expression of their soul light.

Those who are looking to be saved/fixed, who are ready to give their power away to Ashley to do the healing work for them. Those who have not yet stepped into their own healing and shadow work. Those who believe a Soul Tattoo will heal their trauma. Those looking for a cool spiritual tattoo, or those who already have a specific design which they want to be tattooed by Ashley.

All Soul Tattoo designs are channeled in ceremony by Ashley by connecting to the soul light and medicine of each client. She does not tattoo other people’s work. If there are certain elements you feel strongly called to you can share that in your application and Ashley will certainly take that into consideration, but to tattoo a design by someone else would not be a Soul Tattoo session, it would simply be a tattoo session that could be done by any tattoo artist anywhere.

Ashley’s work is centered around feminine liberation. This is to free and uplift the creative life force, voice of soul love, oppressed matriarchal stories and wisdom, and feminine (creative/mystical/emotional/intuitive) energy within. Her work attracts primarily women for this reason, but it is for anyone wanting to devote their healing to the feminine. You could be a conscious man with a knowing you are here to help others and are ready to step into your love light. Or a Trans person with a powerful voice deep longing to be freed to sing your song of healing for others. Or a Non-binary person who’s empathy is designed to deeply serve their community. The common thread between the client’s Ashley chooses to work with is that they are devoted to the path of the heart and spirit and are willing to do something with their light in the world. Ashley’s work activates purpose and devotion to the sacred, evolutionary path, and it is deep commitment to healing and love that is required, not a certain gender.

Ashley can do larger tattoos (over 6X6) upon request and will require an additional fee and potentially be broken up into multiple sessions back to back due to the slow intentional process of tattooing by hand. These are beautiful opportunities to dive even deeper into this soul work and make a short retreat experience out of your time in Santa Fe with Ashley. If you are seeking to work with Ashley on a larger piece, it is recommended that you have already sat in ceremony with Ashley prior.