Calling on the Courage to Weave

One of the most heartbreaking things in life that lights a raging fire in me to do the work I do, to keep showing up to weave and dream and express and be of service to guide others…is when women are not honoring their creative magic and voice.
When victimization overrules your holy creative light and this idea that you are not in control of the destiny you are weaving sets in.
When the old narratives and stories that limit you steer your ship into the direction of another person’s compass.
When the inner voice you hear is the voice of criticism placed within you, not yet realizing your true voice is so much more powerful, more loving, and wise.
When self-sabotage and fear redirect you from your desires and passions.
When you don’t believe or trust that you can create in the ways that are actually your birthright and divine destiny.
When illusions of the world prevent you from seeing your infinite creative potential.
I guide women in transformation and create safe containers to assist aligning them with the voice, truth, desires, wisdom, light, purpose, and magic of their soul’s true essence because more than anything I want women to transcend all the bullshit limitations, stories, and fears that hold them back and liberate themselves to weave their life with courage, grace, and unwavering authority.
Because women and their dreams deserve to be liberated. Because this is the reason you reincarnated on earth: to dream, to reclaim your inner witch, to be in your wild and beautiful feminine magic, honor yourself as holy embodied, an oracle of the stars and vessel for infinite creation!
You came here to find what you love, and remake the world from your own vision.
You did not come here to be passive to life.
You did not come here to struggle non-stop.
You did not come here for someone else to take care of life for you or control your choices, direction, and dreams.
It is actually the dream that lives within us that we must claim. Choosing our dreams daily sets our soul free to break through the barriers, burn the ropes that bind, and soar into our destiny woven from our own divine hands.
But it takes courage. It takes devotion. It takes patience and resilience. It takes so, so, so much trust. Following the soul isn’t an easy path because it asks you to change, evolve, be held by the mystery and the nature of creation/life, everything the world has taught you to fear and avoid.
I have worked hard to get to a place of ease and to be living a life of my own design. To be weaving from my own two hands, letting the voice of my soul lead. It did not happen overnight and I still have so much further to go because my dreams are massive.
I was born into very poor and very young parents and lived in a family unit with domestic abuse, was tossed around from caretaker to caretaker, and lived in a different home ever year of my life. My root trauma created massive unbelonging wound, insecurity around safety and home, very poor boundaries, massive triggers around conflict, and a belief that my basic needs and desires don’t matter.
I never was able to make many friends in my youth as I went to a new school every year and sometimes no school at all as my needs and structure were not prioritized. I carried a belief for much of my life that no one would stick around, I have to be alone in life, and I didn’t deserve deep friendship, even though it has always been one of my deepest core desires.
I have had family members steal money from me and take out credit cards in my name at the same time I was stepping off into the unknown to live my life as an artist. I have carried a massive wound around money that even if I can receive it and create it, it will be taken from me and everyone else deserves to have my money before me.
I have had my share of abusive boyfriends, sexual trauma and manipulation, then an unfulfilling marriage that caged my spirit all reflecting a subconscious belief that a man’s desires and needs have power over my own creative life force.
The thing is, I chose all of this. My soul chose the lessons it needed to transcend and I have chosen to weave from the reality I was placed into, creating a completely different life for myself. My choice has always been mine and the illusion of having no choice is just that, an illusion. I chose to heal through all of this and more, to reweave these programmings, beliefs, and wounds, and limitations because I know I am here to nourish the life I desire.
I haven’t had an easy first few decades of life, but I have chosen to keep going, keep listening to the song of my soul, and keep dreaming. I have chosen to keep showing up, being vulnerable, slaying demons, burning everything in my path that limits me, being accountable for when I am not making choices from a place of creative power, choosing love over fear, honoring my desires, and to continue to weave and weave and weave and weave…
And life is slowly unfolding to be more and more magical as creation moves me through this world I dream up. Day by day, month by month, year by year.
I weave this life for myself, but I also weave for you, for my soul family, for my future daughter, for the earth.
I choose to have the courage to weave because without courage there is only conformity. And I did not come here to conform.
And neither did you, woman.
So I hope you remember how powerful and magical you. I hope you remember you can transmute, reweave, change, and transform ANYTHING, no matter what circumstances, stories, traumas, and limitations you have faced. I hope you remember to take the time to tune in with your inner voice of soul wisdom that is your guiding light. I hope you remember your desires are holy seeds of potential and the deepest nourishment for your soul. I hope you remember you deserve your dreams. I hope you remember you belong here. And I hope you remember how holy your hands and heart are, how they are designed to bring all of your grandest visions into a world of your own creation.
Weaving is your greatest gift.
Remember you have all the threads you need already within you. Braid them with courage.


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