Canceling Cancel Culture

Coming into the light of my own love from illusion has given me a lot of perspective on the collective mindsets we have adapted in the modern digital age. There are very limiting mass ways of thinking in the world at this time that are not necessarily new, but are just wearing different clothes that we collectively don’t see as causing more separation than harm. Often we need to go from one extreme to the other to find our own Truth at the center, but I think having a flexible, curious, open mind in the digital age is a great asset that allows you to discover more and more of what is true for your soul, not what you are telling yourself is true to find belonging or to be accepted.

We are living in a time where collective conditioning is faster and stronger than ever. All you have to do is say the word “wrinkle” next to your phone and every ad on your Instagram feed will be for face yoga, injections, and new facial enhancement technologies. I swear, when I even negatively think about a pimple coming in, my Instagram knows I am being insecure. Because of this rapid change in the way people are subconsciously thinking, many are also fixating deeper and deeper on beliefs and perspectives that make them feel safe from the light of a new/different awareness. Because if we were really aware, we would lose control of reality as we know it! Oh, the horror of Truth!

Because of the influence of social media, we are also in an age of performative activism, widespread social media trends, and fixed mass behavioral patterns because we are too afraid of what would happen if we connected to our own truth and authority at any given moment. Is it easier to follow any authority but our own? Is it easier to play the perfect human who never makes mistakes and always does “what is right” instead of facing your own shadows and growth processes? What if we didn’t post about this tragedy and that pressing political issue, would we be canceled and projected upon as a bad human because we are not proving to an algorithm that we care? What if we did or said whatever we desire or whatever came through our voice from our soul, would be we canceled for having the courage to say what is true for us when most others are too afraid to voice their own thoughts and beliefs at all? What if we showed up unapologetically instead of tiptoeing around every platform and person to not be criticized?

I think it is important to be aware of how social media mass spreads ways of thinking and acting in the world that may not align with your soul Truth and purpose. We are not here to be of service to every single cause. We are not here to please every single person. We are not here to hold the weight of the world on our shoulders while performing to be seen as good. We are here to be authentic in our soul’s expression so we can bring our unique light of healing to the world, evolve, and show up in our power and truth.

I often think about the fine line between being aware of the suffering of the world and then perpetrating more suffering because of our collective addiction to it, because of unhealed collective trauma. What would happen if we took a step back, regulated our nervous systems, healed ourselves first, and asked ourselves where our energy can best be used to support the healing of the world?

In this age, the collective perspective I am most over that spreads around social media like wildfire is mass canceling.

We cancel people who have different opinions.
We cancel people who don’t have an opinion.
We cancel people in their authority because our collective has so much wounding around authority.
We cancel people for loving themselves.
We cancel confident women.
We cancel people who have natural wisdom that was not bought at a weekend seminar, found in a pile of textbooks, or backed by science.
We cancel people who are not performing their activism for likes.
We cancel people who are too Aquarian in their activism.
We cancel people we don’t understand.

We cancel for all of the above and more because we have been taught to cancel ourselves when we are not perfect, upholding our humanness to a level of behavioral perfection that doesn’t exist.

I think harshly judging others may make some people feel better about not being perfect and whole, and it becomes an acceptable way to relate to others. Separation is so programmed in our way of thinking that we choose to separate anyone not going along with the mass collective narrative because we are deep down so afraid of being in our wholeness and power.

What if we put down the sword and the critical eye glasses and just focused on our own self-union and truth a little more?
What if we stopped trying to perform and just showed up as we are, a human that is endlessly evolving and learning?
What if we let go of the weight of trying to save the world and just focused on saving ourselves first so that our souls could align with the unique mission of healing they came here for?
What if we just let others, especially strong women, express themselves fully without tearing them down because we are too afraid to be in our own feminine power?

Most people are searching for purpose and shouting from all platforms to be heard. What if we started by listening to ourselves?

These are questions I hope may stir up some thoughts within you this weekend. And hopefully support you or someone you know in softening perceptions of others in their power and embracing more curiosity around the realities we choose to weave for ourselves and how they may be radically different from others. And that is ok! Curiosity is truly the best trait you can hold these days. Stay open, stay loving, and stay wild. And stay tuned for the next letter where I will share my personal story of when I got canceled in 2017. It’s a good one!

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