Creative Mastery
A Soul Tattoo Group Immersion Series
A year long immersive small group journey to master your creative magic
Creative Mastery
is an intimate one-of-a-kind group mentorship container using the alchemy of tattoo medicine, community care, and transformational ceremonies to initiate, activate, and align you with your own creative magic, soul song, and true essence.
Each Mutable season: Pisces (Late February), Gemini (Late May), Virgo (Early September), and Sagittarius (Late November), we will meet in the high desert of Santa Fe for a half day initiatory retreat and group Soul Tattoo ceremony.

The term “mutable” comes from the Latin root mutabilis, which means change. These mutable signs and seasons mark the end of the season or a completion of a cycle. The mutable energies have a quickly evolving nature, making these seasons the perfect time to deeply and intimately understand transformation and the evolution of your creative nature. It is through change that we receive the gift of understanding and knowing our true Self, creative rhythm, and Soul essence. We simply cannot know the beginning, without the end. By journeying with these seasons/energies, we will be working intimately with our evolutionary processes to align ourselves with our natural creative potential, finding grace, acceptance, and flexibility in transformation in order to cultivate space for our dreams, desires, and soul’s wishes to be created and received.

The Journey

Pisces Season

Dreaming/Feeling/Water. During this season we will get clear on our Dreams as well as our emotional landscape to identify what is and isn’t in alignment or true with them, practicing emotional clearing/clarifying, self-love, honoring death/grief, water rituals, finding truth in illusion, and trust in the unknown so that we may step into our creative magic with a clear focus for change and what it is we desire to birth.

Gemini Season

Communicating/Air. During Gemini season we will activate our word and clearly communicate what it is we desire to create for our lives. We will practice story weaving, conscious communication, breath work, and community care and reflection in order to align with our highest creative visions.

Virgo Season

Purifying/Earth. During virgo season we will purify the body, mind, and spirit by activating the healer within, practicing cleansing, clearing within our subconscious and realities, harvesting our gifts, and moving in alignment with true health and vitality within our bodies to grow our capacity for creation.

Sagittarius Season

Expansion/Fire. During Sagittarius season we will align with the teacher and wise guide within to call out our soul’s truest expression, amplify our intuition, and create space for our desire flame to burn brightly. We will use the experience gained through this journey to leap into our expansion.

Group Calls over zoom are mandatory and will be held during the start of Virgo season, and during the following pisces season to close our container and honor what has died and birthed through our sacred journey. These call dates will be discussed as a group to ensure full attendance. 1:1 calls will be scheduled via email to be held at the end of the first pisces season, and at the end of Virgo season. These calls will be 1:1 creative mentoring sessions with Ashley that may include journey work, meditations, rituals, channeling, or creative mentoring support that can be likened to the first hour of a 1:1 Soul Tattoo ceremony.


What is included:
  • Four 4-6 Hour Group Soul Tattoo ceremonies/Day retreats in Santa Fe, New Mexico that include ritual, elemental healing, and four one-of-a-kind channeled small Soul Tattoos that make up a unique healing circuitry for your Creative Mastery.
  • Two 1:1 virtual zoom sessions with Ashley (45 mins)
  • Two group virtual calls (60 mins)
  • Mastery WhatsApp group for daily accountability, community support, shares, questions, and check-ins.
  • Daily Practices and tools specifically designed for Mastery and each season we journey through.
  • Specially curated care/journey packages that may include plant medicines, crystals, a journal, tattoo care, and more.
  • A Soul Tattoo guidebook and free access to SSA course: Healing with Sacred Tattooing, a guide for working with tattoo alchemy.

What is Not Included:
  • Your flights to/accommodation in Santa Fe. Though accommodation is not included, a Santa Fe guide with accommodation recommendations will be emailed out after booking.
  • Any additional 1:1 session support or bookings with recommended healers/body workers during your time in Santa Fe.
Who is Creative Mastery For?

Creative Mastery is a deeper, evolutionary mentorship container for a small group (6) committed to unlocking their creative power, dreams, and mastering their evolutionary dance. This program is for you if you are committed/ready to commit to your creative visions, dreams, and to create the changes necessary to align with them. You are ready to uncover subconscious barriers, work through resistance to change, strengthen your trust in the unknown, build capacity for death/life/creative, and step into your soul’s truest expression and purpose. 

One time Payment of $3,490
Three Month Payment Plan $1,170/month
Six Month Payment Plan $600/month
Twelve Month Payment Plan: $340/month
Just six spots are open for this intimate mentorship container
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