Do you know how to be highly creative?

Do you know how to be highly creative?

Creativity simplified is desire and will. Due to conditioning, shame, outdated programming, ancestral patterns, systematic limitations, and more, accessing desire and will can be challenging. But, if you know your desires, and you trust yourself to follow them, you can be a highly creative person with the potential to birth everything you dream. This is the recipe to be exactly who you came here to be—infinitely creative.

We live in a culture where we are up against seemingly never-ending toxins that disrupt our rhythm and block our natural willpower. To access the healthy willpower that we all have burning within, we have to detox and cleanse said toxins from our lives.

These can be:

Thought patterns: I am not good enough.
Beliefs: I need to have a stable job and secure income before I can pursue my desires.
Habits: procrastination, self-sabotage, resistance to your expansion/change, numbing, etc.
Environmental toxins: any kind of emotional, mental, physical pollution, unsupportive community or environment.
When I was seeing clients on a large scale I would always ask my clients “What are you calling in?” And most often the answer would be “I don’t know.” I would respond with, “What do you desire?” And again I would often hear “I don’t know.” These magical women—most of whom were living in NYC working jobs they were uninspired by, that were sucking the juicy, creative life-force out of them, but they felt stable with what they had in life—a good job, a good paycheck, solid relationships, etc. I noticed many of these women simply felt guilty to want more, to dream outside the box.

Most of my 1:1 clients came to me because they were seeking creativity and wanted to make a big change in life but didn’t know how, because they were disconnected from the guidance of their desire. I’ve learned that you won’t know what your soul truly wants (and is destined to!) to create in life, or how to create it when you’re navigating life without desire. The bridge to that creative liberation we all seek is reconnecting to pleasure, joy, and taking space to get grounded in our bodies and nourish ourselves. This creates a fertile foundation. And where there is fertility, there is desire.

We don’t all need to know EXACTLY what we want in life. We certainly don’t need a 5-year plan, a map, or a step-by-step guide. But the seed IS there. The deep desire. The dream that subtly guides you in this life. It could just be a feeling. A knowing. Even a color or shape or movement. That’s your fuel to live creatively. Follow that.

Whatever we are receiving (feminine energetic), not aligned with our desire is going to weaken our willpower and dim our inner fire. And whatever we are doing (masculine energetic) not aligned with what we really desire to be doing, is going to weaken our desire and create an out of alignment will, leading us to be stuck in cycles that take us out of our creative flow.

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