Feminine Shadow

Hello, luminous one,
Let’s talk about feminine shadow.
In order to come into sacred union with the Divine Feminine, we must be willing to recognize and look at how the shadow of the feminine shows up within and without.
One of the deepest feminine shadows that prevents us from receiving the love, magic, and abundance of the Divine Feminine is skepticism. 
Have you ever been skeptical of a healer, mystic, or psychic, etc? Maybe even have been or are skeptical of me and my work? Or skeptical of yourself if you are a healer/mystic? Maybe even just skeptical of or threatened by female relationships in general!
Have you ever not trusted in love? Whether from a friend, a lover, or the universe? Or not trusted the kindness another has offered you? Or the blessings that the universe brings?
Have you ever pushed aside your own healing/intuitive gifts, medicine, power, and magic because you have been skeptical if it is all real or if you are just a lunatic? Fun fact, the etymology of the word lunatic comes from the latin lunaticus meaning “moon-struck,” aka to me moved by the moon! I don’t know what is more real and mystical and feminine that that.
Now, it’s good to have a healthy amount of skepticism in today’s world. We need to be discerning and listen to our inner voices to follow a path of soul truth. But skepticism as a feminine shadow haunts most like the plague. It feeds separation from the love we are and the love we are destined to receive. It keeps us from experiencing the healing we are capable of. It moves away from trust and into the arms of doubt. It is what keeps us stuck and small and held back by fear instead of leaping into the arms of feminine mystery.
If we want to heal and align with the Divine Feminine within, we must learn to trust her. 
This starts by trusting yourself and beginning to trust the mystery within you, by trusting the voice of your soul and your spirit’s guidance.
This healing is furthered by trusting yourself to receive nourishment, love, and healing from other feminine beings.
And then learning to trust the love of life itself to hold, guide, protect, and support you in creating from the magic of your soul.
Skepticism only closes our hearts which only blocks us from receiving all the beauty and magic this life has to offer. But looking at your skepticism, learning to trust what is meant for you, and staying open to the love of the feminine gifts you more than you can even imagine.
I dealt with a lot of skeptics early in my career. From ages 22-26 I was your neighborhood paid mystic slinging psychic readings at bars, restaurants, parties, bougie events, clubs, you name it, all around NYC. I saw skepticism in every toxic form. But it was this era of time that taught me how to work with skepticism and the mind’s criticism in myself in order to trust in my gifts in a way that led me to birthing Soul Tattoos.
That was not the last of my skeptics, but it was the bulk of them. I think skepticism will always creep in a little when you do radically feminine work in a highly logical and skeptical world, but I keep this energy out of my field by owning my mystery and trusting in the feminine within and without. Which isn’t easy with prominent scorpio energy, I face my own skepticism of my magic often.
It has been a journey, but letting myself trust the feminine has been the key to unlock the door to the path my soul laid out before me. And this mystery and love continues to nudge me along this path in the most beautiful and wild ways, my trust in the feminine the light that guides.
I am passionate about Divine Feminine healing because I understand the shadows that live within her realm, but I also see the luminous potential and magic she casts. And it is glorious. When we learn to trust the dark caverns of feminine mystery, trusting that in these darks spaces is where love lives, our expansion, liberation, and abundance is inevitable.

One thought on “Feminine Shadow

  1. Katrina Norman

    What a beautiful, truth and one that definitely hits home for me. I love the way Spirit guides you to share your words and your voice to help other women to see their own shadows of truth. Please keep sharing when you feel called to because you never know when a part of your inner being has reached out and touched another soul which then opens little and sometimes very big cracks in their walls. Sometimes a small crack is all that is needed to let the light in. We certainly do need each other to break out of this Patriarchal quagmire of quicksand and murky mud that we have all been stuck in for way to long.

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