Soul Tattoo® ceremony

A unique group initiatory experience using tattoo alchemy.

Each group ceremony is a unique and intimate journey and shared experience for 3-7 people. Most often group ceremonies will have a specific theme or shared group intention for transformation. These themes will often be guided by the planetary and seasonal alignment of the universal force of creation.

In these ceremonies a unique (very small) Soul Tattoo symbol is channeled for the each participant as either a note of their soul’s song or collective healing symbol and woven onto skin by Ashley. Placement options are channeled as well depending on the group theme and activation.

These ceremonies are initiations into feminine mystery, deep trust and courage as you bring more of your soul expression into your body while safe space is held by the group through ceremony, intention, and sacred witnessing. These ceremonies also include specifically curated group rituals, meditations, additional healing modalities and movement to open to and integrate the tattoo alchemy. Every group ceremony is unique and channeled for the group/individuals who join and serve as community initiations and rites of passage.

These are a more accessible way to work with Ashley in an intimate group setting and are typically offered publicly once a month to once a season. A shared community experience unlike anything else. These group Soul Tattoo ceremonies are perfect for a group of friends on a shared soul path, a small, special event, family members seeking lineage healing, a business team to activate their shared purpose, etc. This is the only time Ashley offers an opportunity for more than one person to sit in ceremony with her at a time. Group ceremony dates will be announced via Ashley’s newsletter.
To book Ashley for a private group ceremony event,
please email for details. 
*Pricing for public group ceremonies range from $600-800 per person depending on the details of the event. Private ceremonies range from $800-1,000 per person depending on the number of people. 
*Please note that the tattoos woven in these ceremonies are very small (around 2 inches) and simple channeled symbols, “Soul Notes”, but potent and transformational symbols of light, powerfully activated by shared group consciousness.