Honoring Fertility Pt. 1

The energetics of fertility is something I closely focus on in my work with women. 
Right before the lockdowns in 2020, I received my own channelled Soul Tattoo. This was also just a couple of weeks before I unexpectedly became pregnant. This Soul Tattoo was guided by hummingbirds and was all about the true energetics of fertility. At the time I had been having so many visions and dreams of women giving birth and dying, miscarriages, laboring deeply with so much force, but with no baby, etc. I also had a lot of women in my life struggling with infertility or intense creative blocks. My curiosity and passion led me down a deep dive of studying what truly makes a woman fertile and flowing abundantly with creation in her life.
At the beginning of this journey, I did not know that I was going to be pregnant and have another miscarriage, but I spent the entirety of 2020 and 2021 exploring this theme as guided by the hummingbird spirits, for myself and for you. And my work has never been the same since.
The hummingbird spirits taught me that the energetics of fertility are: 
& Health
And this became the foundation that my previous monthly online program/community BLOOM was based on, as well as the next book that I began writing at the same time. And when I started up Soul Tattooing again last winter, I noticed each of my clients would come to me with the core intention around one of these themes in relation to their voice, soul magic, and creativity. 
In my newsletters over the next few months, I am going to zero in on one of these energetics that I work with in my sessions and give you accessible, practical tools for amplifying these energetics in your life.
Because women NEED a close relationship with all these energies to thrive, dream, create, and dance through life with grace. Fertility is not something the modern world can take from you, you just have to reclaim it for yourself.
Since we are going into the holidays, a time where consumption and consumerism, travel (excess energy, pollution, and radiation!), and regressing into old patterns and habits is at an all time high, let’s start with HEALTH.
With many women plagued with autoimmune diseases (80% of humans with autoimmune diseases are women), endometriosis, gut issues, or infertility, the topic of health can bring up a lot of shame, grief, fear, and control. With many industries built on controlling women’s bodies and the perspective of their bodies, of course, these programs will surface. That’s why they are programmed! The patriarchy needs women to fear and control their bodies to uphold the system that oppresses them. But we don’t need to carry these programs, and we CAN reclaim our health as women. 
I’ve always been very vocal about the things that cause hormonal balance and throw women off their wise rhythms to the women in my life and with my clients, but I stopped sharing so much publicly because it can be such a triggering topic bringing up accessibility issues, scarcity fears, and a general shame around the lack of awareness around what we put into and on our bodies. But I can’t just sit back and watch women poison their creativity and beautiful bodies anymore. Because it can actually be so simple to reclaim your health! No need for 1000 supplements, diets, limitations, control, or fixing your body to be anything other than your magical body, a powerful vessel for your divinity.
It’s all about simplifying. 
Did you know that the average woman applies or ingests 168 chemicals into her body daily? That’s 168 hormone disruptors, brain foggers, skin reactants, gut health ruiners, fertility squashers, creativity blockers, and intuition dammers. All things that take you away from your feminine and creative truth and power. Imagine doing that daily for years and years, perhaps your whole life.
Listen, I come from a family of women who grew up on fast food, BPAs, fragrances, dyes, restrictive crazy diets, and chemicals galore. I have endless stories of the things my mother and I used to do for beauty in my teen years that would shock you, but I will leave that for another time. My mother’s mother has chain-smoked cigarettes for nearly 60 years and drinks multiple diet cokes a day to wash down fast food for every meal. She almost died giving birth/miscarriage because of birth control complications and has been on blood thinners ever since. And my mother went through breast cancer caused by implants leaking chemicals and metals into her body in since the 90s. I left home at 18 with a slew of chronic mysterious health issues, allergies, inflammation, gut issues, you name it…I was a woman in poor health, completely disconnected from my natural rhythms and totally disrespecting my sacred body. I had to learn how to be healthy as a woman from scratch because I had no modelling of feminine health in my reality growing up. But the symbolism and messaging in the ailments of the women I descend from sent me on a journey of reclaiming my health and feminine rhythms and radiance and I have never looked back.
So I created a 30+ ebook guide for you filled with all the things I have learned over the last decade-plus of reclaiming the health of myself and my feminine lineage, my gift for you this holiday season! In this guide, you will find more information about the choices you have in reclaiming your feminine health and fertility and how to make accessible shifts to support calling in greater health, radiance, and as a result, fertility! Which means calling back your creative power and essence! Sign up for my newsletter for immediate access!
I have created this guide because more than anything I desire a world where women are healthy, creative, and thriving in their experience of life! I am so passionate about women reclaiming their health, sovereignty and creative magic!
May you give the gift of tending to your body like the beautiful and sacred vessel it is this season, instead of consuming an excess of and saying yes to what is not needed for your growth. Trust that what is simple is most healing, what is healing for the earth is healing for you, and hormonal balance will lead to you aligning with your dreams and natural, expansive, creative rhythm.
Please share the guide with any woman you know that may find it supportive, hit reply and tell me what you think, and stay tuned for the next letter where we explore another energetic of fertility!
I could write a whole book on attuning to natural creativity and freeing your desires and radiance (don’t worry, I am!). There is so much I want to share about this so that you can reclaim your health and creativity as a woman and THRIVE in your life. Because you matter. Your creativity matters. We need you healthy, liberated, radiant, and thriving! My only hope is that you desire the same for yourself. 

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