Honoring Fertility Pt.2

If you are new here, I’ve decided to share more about the energetics of fertility that I work with with my clients and weave into my healing practice both for myself and others to assist in liberating one’s true creative potential to dream and weave all they desire into being.
This isn’t your typical new age “manifestation” work. I call it Feminine Creation because it is to simply align with the innate inner power of being a fertile, oozing with creative life force, abundant, satisfied woman who knows the voice of her soul and isn’t afraid to follow it towards more love, pleasure, joy, and magic.
In my last newsletter, I wrote about the energetics of health and how it relates to our creative power as women and I even spontaneously wrote you an ebook in two days while the gemini moon was conjunct my venus because there was so much to share! There is A LOT I want to express about this topic, but I am passionately writing an entire book about liberating creativity which is the truest and most luscious body of writing I have chosen to be a vessel for. This book has already completely changed me in such unexpected ways as it has guided me to choose myself and my creative expression in ways I never would have before, which has resulted in many radical changes.
When I received the title of the book in early April, 2021, I knew that if I were to say yes to it, I would have to transform my entire life. I was driving when I heard the name come through me…and a rush of fire blazed in my belly and a tremble in my heart. I knew I would have to be committed to my desires, choose pleasure, nourish myself more deeply, reclaim my radiance, and let joy fill every nook and cranny of my life.
At the time I was living in a dark house with toxic mold deep in the misty forest, having a series of strange health flares (from the mold and lack of passion, joy, and nourishment in my life), in a marriage my body and spirit were rejecting, isolated from everyone and everything that brought joy into my life, and about to have my first book published, a book I said yes to writing, but wasn’t exactly my truest desire or need at the time.
So that fall I moved from the misty lost coast to the high desert, left my marriage, reclaimed my vitality and health, found my lost desires, discovered joy through my creativity once again, stepped back into my power and worth, and nourished myself back to life. I have been in deep devotion to my fertility and creativity (to the Goddess I am by nature) in order to align with my truest soul’s expression, which is infinite!
The process of claiming this book has meant I cannot NOT let my desires and pleasure lead my life and creativity. I can no longer create just for others, my desires HAVE to be the seed and my pleasure HAS to be what lights up my path. This book has asked me to make the energetics of fertility be my life in every way. And it’s been challenging and easeful all at the same time. 100 pivots and tower moments, choosing something and then changing my mind to align more with what is joyful, easeful, and nourishing, letting people down and go, burning out holding all the dreams for myself and others and then burning it all down and simply choosing nourishment, staying true to my bright spirit carrying the torch to light all my deepest desires.
I can never and will never not live out my creations fully, embodying their essence and frequency as I birth them through me. This is what being an authentic soul-led creator is like. It is messy and wild and mysteriously magical and certainly does not at all look like the neat, well-curated productions of most brands and companies. This book especially has gifted me the lesson of grace and soul-honoring in new packages that have both challenged and surprised me as I have been growing into my own dream woman.
So at this moment I am working on deeply marinating in the fertility frequencies of nourishment and pleasure this season, widening my capacity for the fertility energetic of receiving, and preparing my vessel to gather more and more life force as I work on my book and prepare to birth a lot. 
But let’s talk about nourishment. Nourishment is our first need when we land earthside.We need our mother’s milk (or a healthy substitute if it is not available) in order to be healthy and survive. Our mother’s milk, not unlike our mother Earth, is designed to adapt to our specific needs for nourishment and provide us with all that we need to grow and thrive.When our needs for nourishment are not met as a child, learning how to nourish oneself can be a confusing and strenuous journey because we started off not being able to provide this for ourselves, relying on caretakers to meet all our needs.
True nourishment as a woman means getting to the core of your deepest needs yourself, and learning to respond to them, being your own mother. Yes, nourishing food. Yes, a warm bed at night. Yes, lots of water. But what about courageously asking for comfort and support from people in your life? Or taking the time to rest during the winter? Maybe nourishment to you means cuddles, maybe it means freedom to roam. Maybe it means warm stews, or playful connection, or even space and silence. Whatever it may be for you, nourishment should help you grow and thrive.
For me nourishment is a warm cup of cacao or a tea of one of my beloved plant allies consumed as my skin and eyes sip in the sunlight. It is gently moving my body in a way that makes me feel alive. Nourishment is warm hugs from, and lively conversations with, sisters and soul family, and cuddles with my kitty, Loretta, while we rest in bed. It is self-massage with plant and moonlight marinated oils, freely drawing or writing when I feel blue or drained, dancing and laughing, marinating in sweet silence and breathing in sacred space, and letting myself express in whatever way my heart needs.
We need to be nourished as women to create. If we aren’t, we get burnt out, adrenal fatigue (which can manifest as lower back pain during our cycles, anxiety, feeling unrooted, overwhelm, little capacity for receiving our desires, and more), depleted and porus (malleable by other’s needs and desires instead of our own), and simply cannot hold or sustain what it is we wish to create. 
These energies of fertility require constant tending and devotion. We must show up like a priest to the temple of our bodies, hearts, and spirits, listening to the call from within, and responding in love, honor, and deep respect for the powerful creative cauldron we are as women. From this place, we can create anything we desire.
This time of year is when we need nourishment the most! So how can you deeply nourish yourself through the winter? What does your heart need to be nourished? What does your body need? What does your mind need? What does your soul need? How can you respond with loving care and meet these needs? May wish for you this winter is to remember that you are not a machine, but a delicate, sacred, creative, magical woman with all of nature within her. May you remember that this nature deserves to be loved and cared for in a way that will support it to thrive in the world. A thriving woman is a liberated woman. Nourish her.

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