Honoring Fertility Pt. 4

If you are new here, for the last month I’ve been sharing about the energetics of fertility and how they contribute to the liberation of our full creative power as women.
I find that most modern women are disconnected from pleasure. We often feel unsafe to experience pleasure in our bodies due to trauma, abuse, or a disassociation from the feminine’s cyclical nature. When I work with the energetic of pleasure both within my own healing work and the work I do with clients, there can be a lot of shame, guilt, or pain (emotional and even sometimes physical) that comes up to be processed through. At the same time, when working with this energetic, we can also come up against numbing or just a general lack of feeling anything at all.
If you have breasts (even if you don’t, bring your hands and awareness to your chest), I want you to gently cup and caress them right now. Notice what you feel. Do you feel anything? Do you feel tenderness? Do you feel fear or shame? Do you feel numbness? We can often look to our breasts as a barometer for our experience of and capacity for pleasure as the breasts are mirrors for this with all their sensitive nerve endings and connections to the ultimate trigger for pleasure: the clitoris.
Female pleasure is something that is widely misunderstood, misused, mistreated, shamed, and discouraged in our culture. And in many other cultures and previous timelines, the patriarchal systems and controls have put laws and limitations in place to quite literally mutualize a woman’s pleasure and body, robbing her from that natural experience of life itself as it pulses through Her form. It’s no wonder why pleasure feels so hard to cultivate as a woman living in a world that has abused Her form to serve the pleasure of Man first, because a woman’s pleasure is one of the most threatening and mind-altering frequencies on the planet.  
I remember the first time I did a breast oiling healing ceremony for myself. I sobbed and sobbed for hours dripped in plant oils and candle light. In my breasts I held so much shame around the theme of pleasure. I held stories where my pleasure and my body was abused, used, shamed, discouraged, and how much my body was now crying out for pleasurable touches and love from myself in order to reclaim my pleasure for me.
It led me down a path of learning the art of self-pleasure and self-cultivation, guided by one of my muses, Mary Magdalene. I explored what pleasure truly meant for me. What it felt like, what it tasted like, smelled like, looked like, and sounded like. I explored pleasure through all my senses because I understood on a primal creative level that sensuality was at the root of pleasure and when my senses were turned on, and only when they were turned on, I could experience true ecstatic pleasure. 
At the Voice of Magdalene retreat last August I led everyone in a sensual ceremony of pleasure that awakened all the senses. There was lunar magic, oiling, massage, rose honey, aphrodisiac plant infused wine, anointing divinity, sister love, tears, sighs of deep relief, receiving, candle light, and just the most profound group feminine healing/cultivating ceremony I have ever led or been a part of. It was in this ceremony that I realized how far I had come in the name of and pursuit of pleasure, but how much more I need of this in my life. How cultivating pleasure on this level within a group feeds the feminine in such a deep way.
Though I intellectually already understood this and it is what led me to weave the retreat into form, this is when I actually felt in my body how group cultivation work was my path forward, and the way the feminine most deeply can align with Her true mastery of the Goddess in form. Because when women gather, we liberate the nature we are and cultivate our truth through pleasurable, freedom-invoking, radiance brightening, nourishing feminine mastery. 

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