Honoring Fertility Pt.5 – The Final Piece

If you are new here, for the last month or so I’ve been sharing about the energetics of fertility and how they contribute to the liberation of our full creative power as women.
Oh sweet nectar of life 🙂
This is where discovering the energetics of fertility began for me. As I spoke about in the first installment in this series, it was the hummingbirds who spoke to me at the initiation into the deepest depths of my grief and taught me about building my capacity to experience joy. 
I have carried A LOT of grief in this life. Some of it is ancestral, past life, and threaded within the webs woven by the women within my lineage, but it also comes from my own experiences of death as an evolutionary woman. I have grieved my father who has been missing in my life since I was a small child, I’ve grieved my grandmother and primary maternal figure who raised me and left this world when I was a teen, I’ve grieved my mother for most of my life, I’ve grieved a step-father who coned me, stole from me, and then abandoned my family, I’ve grieved siblings I never got to have a relationship with, relatives who disappeared from my life, and friendships that slipped away out of nowhere. I have grieved for all the people I thought were supposed to love me, and I have also grieved my innocence, my previous identities, my ideas of how I thought my life would be, career paths, old dreams, business relationships, the parts of self clung to to stay safe and loved, my two babies, my marriage, and so much more.
I’ve have grieved all of this so that I can know what joy feels like. So that I can create space to create what brings me true joy. 
The hummingbirds are the spirit beings who taught me that my capacity for moving through my grief will be met by my capacity to create and experience joy. That when I let go fully, grieve all the deaths my soul came here to experience, then and only then can joy fill that space and bore and nourish new life.
Grief isn’t something that ever ends or goes away in this experience of life, because there will always be death to grief—death IS life—but joy is the energy that gives it purpose and balance, that widens our capacity for creation of our dreams and desires.
It can be hard to feel joy when you have known so much grief, but this is why this fertility energetic is so important for our creative processes. Because we cannot know new life without death. We cannot expand or grow or receive our dreams without this. This is what I mean when I speak about creative liberation—it is the full spectrum of life as it pulses through you. ALL OF IT. This is what is means to be in your full creative power.
Creative liberation and fertility are not manifest your dreams and live a life of pleasure and bliss—well, in a sense, it is—BUT— It is to honor your true nature. To be wild and free and thrashing and pouring as you are serene and lush and fertile magic. It is to truly feel and experience the fullness of your creative potential within you, which is to grieve to your depths and fearless embrace your Tower moment AND live in ecstatic bliss and live our your dreams. This is the path to liberate your souls expansive expression!
When you stagnate your grief instead of moving with it like water and breath, you are actively limiting your capacity for joy. Don’t fear your grief process, ignore or deny it. Let it move you and free you to receive more life, more joy, more abundance, more pleasure, more FREEDOM to embody creation as spoken through the language of your soul.
When it comes to joy, we must actively pursue it in order to be filled with what makes sense and feels good and magical in a world filled with so much death and pain. It is in following our joys that lead us to receiving all the love we desire. It is creating space for joy that nourishes our spirit. It is following joy that ignites our ability to feel more pleasure. It is joy that gifts us more health and vitality in this life. It is joy that reminds us that life is for living…fully, creatively, abundantly, beautifully, blissfully, and true.

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