I have a lot to say

Hello, wild ones,

I have always had a lot to say. I am wildly expressive by nature. A truth-teller, a seer, a voice for the unseen, sharing wisdom of the heart. In classrooms growing up, I was the “chatty” one and kept away from my friends, put in the back corner of a cold classroom to sit in shame. In my immediate family unit, I was shushed and dimmed when I claimed space through my expression. “Be quiet” became a part of my personality liberated only when singing to Prince in the car with my grandma or performing Madonna in my bedroom. As I grew into my power and began to express my feminine wisdom and how I see the world, I triggered others. I became a target of painful projections or simply was “too much” for many people in my orbit. Ex partners and family members would say I was wrong, crazy, or my perspective made them feel unsafe until I questioned my own perception of reality. On one hand, I did not understand and was enraged at, how others could not find value in the power of feminine expression, who could not even hold curious and open space for the potential of what I know to be true, or what I felt from my deep heart…and on another hand, never wanting to cause insecurity or instability in others and trying to mold my expression to meet the limitations of the fixed minds and closed hearts of those who are too afraid to greet the mystery and transform by the feminine.

This is a story all women know.

Throughout my life, I have weaved in and out of being silenced as well as silencing myself out of fear of disrupting harmony (bypassing the truth) around me. The fear of triggering others, even though I know powerful healing and transformation comes from my expression, was often crippling. Holding back the wisdom, the disharmony or injustice I witness, the boundaries that need to be made, and the sacred truths I feel pulse through me like bright flames longing to spark change and liberation. My jaw would clench tighter, my hips would follow, and rashes would appear around my eyes and throat from not allowing my powerful voice to express what I witness, my anger, my boundaries, needs, and desires for change. My body would contract with the rage and grief of 40 generations of women from not being heard by masculine minds. Depression clung to my lungs as I felt the weight of all the women silenced or ignored before me. Who never were honored for their powerful, healing, mysterious wisdom. All the women who were told to be a certain way, speak a certain way, act a certain way, believe certain realities, and were expected to be nice and charming, to not cause a fuss. The fear of change causes the destruction of the earth and the burial of the feminine who holds the sacred healing waters.

This goes against our very nature as women. We are chaos. We are the ocean roaring under a full moon, the wild beasts of the forests, the fires that burn all to the ground and purify the land for new growth, the ancient humming of the seafloor, the wind that comes and fucks up your idyllic beach picnic. We are the sacred alchemists here to transform. To guide. To love. To say what we see. To claim what we desire. To express from our soul and to birth the new through our voices. The voice of the feminine, I believe, is the most powerful tool on the planet. It is your voice that opens the heavens, widens the portal of infinite creation, and calls back your power. Your voice is what claims and creates the web you are weaving.

Silencing yourself or allowing yourself to be silenced by others out of fear dims your creative flame. It stagnates you in webs that don’t have space for desires. It disconnects you from your passion, your purpose, your dreams, and your truest expression. Your voice holds the keys to your healing, your soul’s expression, your ancient wisdom, your reason for being here on the planet with a unique soul song that moves through you. The inner voice that is all-knowing and guiding you, the outer voice that calls desires and needs into being, that heals and transforms the earth simply by being free to express. You only need to listen and liberate the truths living inside you. The knowings, desires, words you never said, and stories that long to be told.

You have a choice. To liberate the voice and wisdom of the feminine, or to continue to be silenced. To tell your story, or to continue to allow the stories of the human experience to be written by the masculine. One creates healing and freedom, the other cages you into a life that you come here to didn’t choose. But what is so powerful about the feminine is that she can break out of any locked cages, pull herself out of the mud, break all barriers, and birth the new.

It is my greatest passion and desire in the world to support women in liberating their expression and freeing their dreams, stories, and desires to birth the new into the world. To create a reality where the feminine is heard, seen, valued, respected, revered, and looked to as a powerful source of wisdom and guidance as we walk this life together as one human family. Where the heart is received over the mind. Where love is trusted even when it is crazy and mysterious and feels unstable at times. Where the Divine Feminine Mystery is honored as sacred.

You have the power to be heard, to free the feminine voice inside of you, but you must start with hearing yourself.

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