I Stopped Tattooing

I stopped tattooing and posting Soul Tattoo photos publically for a couple of years because I felt my identity was becoming too fixed with being a “healing tattoo artist.”

I rejected it.

It frustrated me that people only wanted to work with me in this ONE way because I am so much more than this single form of my soul expression.

I am multidimensional. Infinite. On a path of liberating my soul’s creative expression and feminine nature. I am a visionary artist, oracle, earth steward, agent-of-change, creation doula, storyteller, dream weaver, guide, healer, teacher, and community leader.

But I needed to start showing up with all of me for who I AM to translate in my work. I needed to liberate my voice and creativity, to create what I am really here to create!

Now I am an author of a book published by Sounds True, and working on my second book.

I illustrated and wrote an oracle deck, also published in the same year.

I created a virtual mystery school and community for liberated feminine creation to provide a container for women to weave their dreams into being and step into greater creative alignment alongside me.

I have co-created another online school with fellow mystical, intuitive tattooist Rachel Christensen to guide other tattoo artists home to the sacred magic in tattoo art and normalize, celebrate and connect through this feminine, transformational work.

I channeled a sacred tattooing modality I call Soul Tattoo® sessions which I have been practicing for six years now (tattooing for nearly eight–had a multi-year waitlist after nine months of going full-time and putting myself out there with my practice, offering residencies in 8 states and 4 countries over the following 3 years).

I have photographed retreats from Italy to California, as well as for books like Ritual Baths by Mama Medicine (along with my book!), fashion brands, healers, and bands/musicians, all on my late grandmother’s film cameras I inherited at 18.

I have created art with flowers, fabric, paint, pen, film, and nature. I even experimented with a podcast to try out something more Aquarian.

And I have been self-employed and financially independent on my creative path since I was a teen (minus a few brief jobs here and there when I needed to pay for my life as a traveling Stevie Nicks groupie, or when I needed extra support to weave my way out of a web that no longer felt right.)

I have allowed myself to have the courage to vision, dream, build, trust, express, create, let life be my inspiration and fuel for change, and create space for my soul’s true expression—full of richness, magic, expansion, and wisdom.

I never knew any other path but to hold a vision for what I wanted to create and bring it to form from Seed to Bloom. Sometimes it has been the most challenging and painful path, but sometimes it comes with ease and so much wonder. This is my healing, and my art—to weave the most magical, from my soul, life filled with infinite creation. Not just for myself, but for my community, future children, and all who I work with. To help vision and weave a new world into being. To free the voice of the feminine.

My path is feminine liberation. I don’t need fixed career labels so others can understand what I do. I don’t need to do or be one thing. I am the mystery and the infinite. The voice of the ancient feminine. The spiraling rose. I am not packaged or curated neatly for mass consumption.

And this is only just the beginning of my journey. I am just 30-years-old—31 in April! I have been building this dream for a long time, and it only keeps expanding.

I can’t even yet imagine the evolution of self and creativity that will expand over the next 31 years! I imagine I will write many more books, decks, host retreats (the first one already in the works and will be announced soon!), have my own creative/healing temple space one day, maybe multiple, have babies, meet more soul family to weave magical dreams with, and who knows what else! Because dreaming is infinite. The potential of what you can create is infinite. I am always delighted by the new creations that drop in to be birthed through this vessel of mine. Some are so unexpected because they are beyond the threshold of how much I have allowed myself to dream and create before. With each expanded dream comes another one even more expanded. But only if we are open to receiving it.

Remember, you are the weaver of your web. Nothing defines you but you. Nothing controls you except what you are choosing. Let the fullness of you choose your desires. Let the ancient in you trust your magic. Let the divine in you receive. Let your soul guide. You didn’t come here to survive and stagnate in autopilot routines. This life is meant to be wildly lived! Weave, sister, weave.

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