Learn Sacred Tattooing

Sacred Tattooing is a powerful healing modality

An ancient tool for transformation
A gift to heal yourself and others
A reclamation of your innate magic

It is a healing artform that is a catalyst for collective change and expansion

While trying to meet the growing demand of clients for Soul Tattoos and residency requests all around the world, Ashley took a step back from tattooing to create space for a burning question within:

“How can I bring this work to more people, normalize this way of tattooing, and make it more accessible for people?”

In 2018 Ashley connected with fellow intuitive tattoo artist and healer, Australia-based Rachel Christensen.
From opposite sides of the world, they both had a calling to bring a feminine voice to this powerful art form, and together they created their online course: Sacred Tattooing: A Guide for Intention, Healing & Ritual in Tattoo Art.
In the first course of its kind, Ashley and Rachel poured their collective 16 years of tattoo experience and wisdom into a digestible and transformational online offering to support not only tattoo artists in the remembrance of this true nature and origins of tattoo work but also all artists wishing to deepen their abilities to create intuitive art that offers healing and transformation to all those who receive it.

Since the launch of their course in August 2019,

they have guided over 200 tattoo artists, aspiring tattoo artists, and receivers of tattoo art into the remembrance of the sacredness and medicine of tattooing, where tattoos are used as tools for healing and transformation.

Through their course, they have developed 8 modules of wisdom, guidance, tools, and practices that they have found the most supportive in their own work as intuitive tattoo artists working with thousands of clients all over the world.

From the History of Tattooing in ancient times and its shamanic roots to understanding energy work, your creative channels, and the importance of being a conscious space holder and supporter of a more sustainable tattoo industry, Ashley and Rachel take you on the journey of remembering the power of Sacred Tattoo work and why the time is now for it to expand and become normalized across the globe.

Ashley and Rachel offer their wisdom as a way for others to discover and deepen their unique intuitive language and uncover their innate healing power to use in their art as a form of sacred medicine.

School of the Sacred Arts

In 2021 School of the Sacred Arts was born as the umbrella to share and teach the wisdom of Sacred Tattooing even more, with intentions of more online workshops, online and in-person retreats, 1:1 mentoring for tattoo artists, and more. Together Ashley and Rachel hold a vision to center the sacred in art, the healing in tattooing, nourish in community, and create space for the feminine to lead once again.

In December 2021 Ashley and Rachel launched their second course, Healing with Sacred Tattooing, a guide for receivers of tattoo medicine. In this deep and comprehensive guide, Ashley and Rachel support those receiving tattoos in mastering their tattoo journey as a form of healing, transformation, and connection to their soul’s true essence.

The act of receiving a tattoo is a deep shamanic experience.

Ashley and Rachel offer this course guide to inspire people to incorporate their sacred practices into their tattoo experience while gaining more awareness about using tattooing to explore altered states of consciousness and tap into the endless possibilities for healing that receiving tattoos can offer.

If you are feeling called to use tattooing as a tool for your soul’s evolution, you are not alone
Learn Sacred Tattooing
Sacred Tattooing Online Course
Your journey into your intuitive, cosmic power as a tattoo artist/artist
  • 8 modules of Self-guided content to journey into the magic and medicine within tattoo art and you.
  • Exercises to integrate new tools and practice implementing techniques for your client practice.
  • Live Community calls bi-monthly with Ashley and Rachel to connect, network, ask questions, and learn together.
  • Guidance in crafting your unique ceremony formula
  • Supply suggestions for a conscious, eco-friendly tattoo practice that supports the healing of our Earth
  • Guidance for energy clearing, grounding, creating sacred, protective ceremony space, channeling art with spirit, and much, much more.
Healing with Sacred Tattooing
Your guide as a receiver of tattoo medicine as a tool for remembrance
  • Allow the tattoos you receive to take you on a conscious journey of discovering, exploring, and remembering who you really are.
  • Learn how to use tattooing as a form of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.
  • Learn about the power of intention and vibrational medicine and the metaphysics of tattoo placements upon the body to activate healing.
  • Learn to create your own ceremonial tattooing experience you can integrate with any tattoo artist whether they practice ceremonial tattooing or not.
  • Receive access to our resource guide of intuitive tattoo artists from all over the world who are a part of the School of the Sacred Arts community.
Soul Tattoo® Certification training
In addition to the School of the Sacred Arts offerings, Ashley offers a once-a-year Soul Tattoo® certification program for apprentices ready to deep dive into the alchemy, magic, and light language of intuitive tattooing.
This is an intimate 6-12 month apprenticeship journey with Ashley curated to the unique needs, desires, and soul gifts of each apprentice.
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