Soul Tattoo® Apprenticeship

Ceremonial Tattooing is a powerful healing modality

An ancient tool for transformation
A gift to heal yourself and others
A reclamation of your innate magic

It is a healing artform that is a catalyst for collective change and expansion

Do you feel the call to weave this medicine of soul on body form?

Ashley’s Soul Tattoo® certification apprenticeship program is a bespoke initiatory journey of anchoring your own medicine as a ceremonial Soul Tattoo artist.

Equal parts traditional hand-poked tattoo apprenticeship and shamanic journey of remembrance and initiation into your soul medicine, Ashley’s apprenticeship container is a portal to uncover and unleash your innate healing magic using the unique modality of Soul Tattooing.

What you may receive
– A bespoke 1:1 training with Ashley curated to your unique individual needs and desires as you step into this sacred work
– Hand-poked tattooing training
– Ceremonial tattooing training that includes body divination and body placement alchemy, a connection to your unique Soul Language as a tattooist and artist, support in crafting your formula and bringing through your unique medicine, and more
– More traditional tattoo apprenticeship training to learn how to practice tattooing safely, consciously, and in alignment with your state regulations.
– Full access to School of the Sacred Arts courses and masterclasses (a pre-requisite for our journey)
– Guidance and tools for creative alignment, financial and health sovereignty, and maintaining internal resourcing as a soul-led artist and healer
– In person immersions (monthly or bi-monthly depending on agreed terms)
– Certification to practice under Ashley’s trademarked Soul Tattoo modality as a certified trained practitioner and to be listed on her website as a certified Soul Tattoo Artist upon completion of your journey together (using the modality name in your practice is not necessary, but this training allows you to use it following contract guidelines)
– Ongoing support via a WhatsApp text thread both solo with Ashley and with other mentees if desired
– Opportunities to assist Ashley in group Soul Tattoo ceremonies, retreats, etc, if called
– & so much more!
What is not included
– Blood born pathogen course training/certification (this must be taken with your state board in order to become a licensed tattoo artist, and obtained prior to our apprenticeship or at the beginning of our working together)
– A certified tattoo license to practice legally in your state, though Ashley can support you in this process of obtaining your licensing, especially if you are local to LA county and choose to apprentice under her local license.
– Payment for any fees associated with obtaining your tattoo license in your state (Typically anywhere from $100-$1,000 depending on your county/state government)
Pricing Structure Outline/Schedule
This training offers a minimum of 4 months commitment, and a maximum of 36 months commitment (depending on schedule) and is set up like a traditional shamanic apprentice, meaning when you feel complete, or Ashley feels you are complete, you may choose to move on. Ashley works with each apprentice to craft a schedule that works well for them in accordance with their needs.
Bespoke in-person training: For those local to L.A area. $1,300-$2,600 / month: This is the most intimate and in depth training Ashley offers in devotion to you and your unique needs as a tattoo mentee. In this training you will meet for 2-4 days/month (3-6 hours per day, price dependent on schedule) for private in-person immersions in Los Angeles. Each month is curated based on the individual apprentice’s specific learning needs and desires to support you in blooming into your practice as a Soul Tattoo artist.
Online + in person training: For those who can only travel into L.A. once a season. $850-$1,600 / month: Meets every other month in person for a 2-day (3-4 hours/day) immersion in Los Angeles, with 1-2 monthly 2 hour zoom calls in-between.
Fully virtual apprenticeship: For those who wish to work together virtually. MUST have some prior tattooing experience/knowledge/a valid tattoo license or a traditional tattoo apprenticeship to do alongside. $750 / month: Meets monthly over zoom for 2.5 hours twice a month.
*Each immersion is as much of a self-healing retreat and initiation into your medicine song as it is a more traditional tattoo apprenticeship training.
*All immersion dates will be planned and discussed together at least 1-2 months in advance.
*Training can be paused (and resumed) at any month as long as there is a 30 day notice as Ashley does all her scheduling in advance (if an integration break is needed or if travels/life circumstances ask you to step away for a month. Flexibility is offered, though commitment and communication is required)
*If you are not already a licensed tattoo artist with experience in tattooing, whether machine or hand-poked, do not choose the virtual option as Ashley cannot fully teach hand tattoo technique over zoom.
Ashley also offers 4-day hand-poked tattoo training immersions separate from her long-term apprenticeship trainings. These trainings may be private or with 1-3 other trainees depending on the season. These trainings focus on JUST the technique of hand weaving sacred markings and body placement/body divination only, and you MUST have some prior tattoo knowledge or are a licensed tattoo artist as hand-poking cannot be mastered in just a few days. The immersions are held for 3-4 hours a day. No certification, licensing, or deeper support is provided with this training and you must complete your blood-born disease exam with your local government before training begins. The cost of this training is $3,400.
If you have further questions, please email