Lessons from the Feminine

Liberating the feminine is my soul’s path. It is my greatest passion and motivation in life, and the foundation for all that I do. It is why I blaze through transformation after transformation to align with my soul even when it takes everything from me, because I know that everything I need is within me. It’s why I disrupt what is stagnant and separate from love so that more union and truth can arise, even when it hurts. This is the feminines’s path.

I dream of living in a world where a woman in her power isn’t immediately questioned for her authority, or negatively projected up because her light is so bright it scares others. A world where knowledge isn’t seen as safer and smarter than intuition. Where emotional expression is viewed as powerful instead of weak. Where following a woman’s spiritual guidance is trusted by society as much as the Pope, Jesus, masculine Gods/Gurus, Science, or whatever religious structure/textbook people so easily give away their own power to. Where channeled messages of Feminine Truth are not rejected as crazy nonsense. Where love is our go-to response to any obstacle or challenge, instead of fear.

I once knew a woman who checked herself into a psychiatric hospital for leaving her husband, thinking something was wrong with her for having this unexplainable impulse to choose a different story. She was diagnosed with a personality disorder for having extreme emotions, given a red button to quick fix (pharmaceutical medication), and sent on her way. She never did anything rebellious ever again.

I knew another woman who fell strangely and unexpectedly sick. She went to the doctors, again and again, to receive test after test, only to leave time after time with no answers. At a certain point on this journey to health, she had synchronicities and intuitive messages telling her exactly what the issue was and where in her body to test. She went back to the doctor and told them the sense she had. They dismissed her, told her that wasn’t possible, and that they would not be ordering the test she needed to confirm the diagnosis. Being stubborn and determined to feel better, she paid out of pocket to get the test she needed. Sure enough, she was spot on and saved herself from having progressed Cancer had she not been tested when she did.

I knew another woman who was told her spiritual, intuitive gifts and reflective feminine wisdom were harmful. That they brought shame to the family and pain to her loved ones. That the truth that spilled from her lips was a scam just to steal people’s money because it threatened the realities of others who were not yet open to receiving the soft power of a woman in her own authority. That she was wrong, projected upon as evil, and shut out from the hearts of others who were afraid to face their own separation from love. That woman was me.

Like many others before me, I have been ostracized by communities, my family, and people who claimed they loved me. But some people only love and accept a feminine mystic when they are easy for their minds to digest. Some people only love a witch when she shrinks herself to let others lead and have control. Some only love a powerful woman until she mirrors the shadows that need integration back into them. Or only love her until she triggers them to be vulnerable and courageous. Some, they only love her until her energy asks them to transform into a higher expression of self and they are unwilling to evolve so they blame her instead of holding themselves accountable for their own healing. Instead of choosing the courage to grow alongside an evolutionary woman in her power and wisdom of love, many in our world choose fear to stay stuck. I get it, shadows are hard to face and change is terrifying, but why are we here? To grow. To become free as infinitely creative, Divine humans on Earth. And you can’t do that without the dark and wild face of the feminine.

A woman not being seen or heard for who she is because she doesn’t fit into the labels, ideas, and systems the patriarchy uses to keep Pandora’s box of mystery locked shut is nothing new, but I endlessly dream of it ending. It is the injustices, projections upon, and shadowing of the feminine and her experiences that usher me to put on my red lipstick and reflect shadows, challenge patriarchal systems within and without, and shine a light on limiting mindsets built upon fear. It is why I do what I can to guide women home to their voices and creative life force so they can be in their full feminine power to do the same. I support woman in realizing how powerful and sacred they are and teach them to hold their anchors steady in the wild waters of life, trusting the wild mystery they are.

This fire to free the feminine has been with me for many lifetimes and it has a lot of transformation to bring into this life. Being in your feminine power threatens every reality built by man to contain what is not understood. But I am here to tell you, you are not here to be understood. You are here to share your truth, magic, medicine, and embody the mystery. And you will not be liked by everyone. In fact, others too afraid to stand in their power will envy you and want the worst for you because they don’t believe in themselves. But as long as you are anchored in yourself, following your own truth and authority, and allowing the pulse of creation to move through you, you will always be free.

I will leave you with a few sacred Truths I have come to remember from this path of Feminine Liberation that weave heavily into all my work. May they support you in remembering the Truth that is already within you.

1. The greatest spiritual authority you will ever discover is the voice within your own soul. This is the source of your Truth, your wisdom, your power. NOTHING, and I mean nothing, is a greater source of truth and power in your life than this. Learn to listen to it, and you will always be home.

2. You are so much more powerful than you can ever know with your mind. Trusting your inner voice of feminine wisdom and Truth will guide you to create wine from water, move mountains, swim oceans, and change the world through a single breath.

3. The primordial force of the Universe is the Feminine. When you accept this force within, you become the Universe. There is no more asking the universe for love and support or waiting for the universe to save you because you are Her.

Embrace all that you are, woman. The nonsensical, hysterical, emotional, intuitive, psychic, wise, ancient being you are. She is the partner in life you have been waiting for.

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