1:1 Mentorship

Long Term 1:1 Creative Mentorship

Ashley’s 1:1 creative mentorship container is a reflective alchemical journey to greater alignment with your soul’s true essence, voice, authentic expression, and creative power. The container is designed to support you on your evolutionary feminine journey with personalized deep dive virtual sessions. Each session intuitively unfolds as a devotion to your soul’s expression with Ashley and her sharp clarity and soul wisdom as the mirror to reflect to you your own light, truth, power, and magic. Through this mentorship you are guided back home to your authority, choice, and desire, to align with your own creative alchemy to weave your life in accordance with soul destiny, not a fate woven by others.

Open, Release, and Receive
  • Call back your soul’s essence from timelines of limitation and restriction
  • Anchor in true spiritual sovereignty
  • Align with clear choice and embodied discernment
  • Activate and claim your desires
  • Greet death and change with trust, grace, and courage
  • Widen your capacity for expansion
  • Meet yourself deeply and come into wholeness with the dark feminine 
  • Deeply honor your evolutionary magic
  • And learn to breath in the next phase of your life with ease

A Journey of Soul Alignment

This container is a mentorship with your own soul as much as it is a mentorship with Ashley. You will be guided to more deeply understand and trust your own soul medicine, divine magic, and creativity so that you may heal and align with your highest timeline of soul evolution, to weave a life in devotion to your dreams, desires, and soul purpose. With Ashley’s finely attuned channel to her own soul’s medicine, her divination, transformational space holding, embodied healing modality tool kit, and creative alchemy experience, you will be invited into a portal for your evolution and expansion.

I am your creation doula, shepherding you from death into life 

This journey is an investment of your soul truth, feminine light, and creative power. There are no formulas, strategies, or roadmaps here. If you are looking for answers and someone to tell you exactly what to do, what choices to make, and what your purpose is, this is not the right container for you, for that is not the path to spiritual sovereignty and alignment with your own truth, wisdom, and creativity. If you are ready for the evolutionary work required to align with your higher potential and weave a life of soul, attuned to your desires, dreams, and authority, then Ashley is a wise mirror, sacred space holder, and authentic soul-attuned leader to support and guide you there. 


  • Each virtual session is 90-minutes, bi-weekly, for 3 months (6 sessions) or 6 months (12 sessions), depending on desired duration. If you wish to work together for longer, an additional 3 months can be added on at any time, totaling no longer than 9 months.

  • Homework may be prescribed and email or voice note check ins are available between calls for accountability and support.

  • The exchange for the 3-month mentorship container is $3,000 and can be paid in four payments of $750. The exchange for the 6-month mentorship container is $5,800 and can be paid in seven payments of $830. The first payment is due upon enrollment. The following payments are made each month after. Reach out for pricing to book 9 months.

  • Very limited spaces are available for 1:1 mentorship. Serious and devoted inquires only. If you are not feeling an aligned call from within, then this may not be the right opportunity for you. This journey is all about listening and responding to YOUR soul and what you feel and know would be the most supported and expansive choice for you.

I am wildly passionate about guiding women through the portals of evolution to grow into their soul’s potential for this beautiful life. If this intimate, expansive, and deep mentorship container calls to you, fill out the application below! 



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I look forward to the potential to weave with you, supporting you to you create a life in alignment with your soul’s true magic—fully expressed, devoted to your needs and desires, and liberated in your truth!