Remembering Your Way Home
RYWH is a self-paced course consisting of video teachings, hypnosis meditations, guided practices, and exercises designed to anchor you back home in your Soul Self—sovereign, whole, connected to your light and your own creative force as weaver of life.
Coming Soon!
Weaving Your Web Sessions
A 3 hour soul regression journey from fate to destiny
Soul Tattoo Ceremony
A Soul Tattoo® ceremony is a transformational initiation into your soul’s light, truth, and divine expression, using a collection of ancient modalities, including ceremonial hand-woven tattooing, along with hypnosis/soul regression to activate your own creative alchemy, power, and magic.
Soul Coronation
A Sovereign Journey of Remembrance, Reclamation, and Quantum Evolution. A mastery level 3-month rapid evolutionary container for those ready to alchemize lifetimes of karma and free themselves to birth their soul’s legacy of light into the world.