Journey to the Star


Join Ashley River and Jeff Hinshaw of ‘Cosmic Cousins’ for a full day of healing and embodiment in Portland, Oregon.

Date/Time: September 14th, 2022 @ 9am – 6:30pm

Location: Everett House, Portland, Oregon

Attendee Spots: 8

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This is an intimate, deep community immersion for the sacred space holders, healers, lightworkers, and sensitive givers of the world to nourish together in the community, letting go and sharing the weight of our collective healing. Being a sensitive light in these current collective times has not been easy. The personal healing alone we have chosen to step into by devoting ourselves to the path of love can lead to burnout, overwhelm, and feel like a lonely journey as we courageously face what most in the world choose to hide. But we can let go of this weight we carry by stepping into healing together. The focus of this Healing Day Retreat is a journey deep within the Self. During our time together you will be gifted the opportunity to reconnect with your own healing potential that lies within, to nourish and replenish yourself. Whatever is on your heart will be given space to heal through the loving container we cultivate and co-create.

This retreat is centered around the energy of the Star card in the traditional tarot. The Star is the card that follows the Tower, our calm, clear morning after a destructive storm. With much chaos, trauma, and turmoil in recent years, becoming raw and enduring great challenges both personally and collectively, the Star’s energy brings us renewed hope, faith, trust, and purpose on our evolutionary journeys. The Star is our teacher of self-healing, a symbol of regeneration, and a reminder of who we are on the highest and most authentic soul level: Divine Love. The Star will guide our journey as a community to replenish, let go of anything needing to be left behind in the realm of the Tower, connect to our generous healing spirit, and let our lights shine brighter than ever.

Our time together will begin with an open ceremony to cleanse and ground before each calling ourselves, the directions, and our intentions into our sacred container. We will spend the morning connecting to our plant ally chosen for the group and briefly going over the astrology of the day before diving deeply into a journey to visit The Star card in the tarot guided by Jeff. *If it calls to you, participants are invited to bring their own tarot deck, although tarot decks will be provided for day use for those who do not bring one. After, we will break for 1 hour of sauna and spa time, followed by a beautiful plant-based lunch. In the later afternoon, we will come back together in ceremony to check in and reflect before diving into our 2-hour transformational group Soul Tattoo ceremony guided by Ashley. One small (1″X1″) Soul Tattoo design and four placement options in alignment with the cosmic energy of the day will be channeled for the group to activate and integrate our collective healing. These ceremonial tattoos will be woven by hand with energy work and sacred space will be held for each receiver by the group through music, chanting, and presence. We will close our time together with a heart circle, and a closing ritual with the elements.

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