Soul Tattoo® Ticket – Feminine Healing


Most beings still operate with an unconscious fear of their feminine energy, which can manifest as distrust and doubt in self and life, resistance to change and healing, fear of their shadows, repressed soul expression, truth, and emotions. In order to find balance and wholeness and healing along our journeys, we have to learn to accept the darkness within and the darkness of life in order to receive and embody the light. There is that Rumi quote that says, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” And this is the same message this Soul Tattoo carries.

It is important for our collective healing to look at our wounding and call upon the feminine warrior within to transmute them into more love and light. Through the feminine, we birth the new. Through the feminine, we access our full creative potential. When we repress our feminine nature and feminine wounding we drain our creative life force, abundance, magic, and intuitive wisdom. We may also have reproductive conditions as a result of rejecting or suppressing the flow of death-birth that longs to pulse through us and move us along our path.

This Soul Tattoo says “do not fear the dark night of your soul,” and asks you to call upon the courage to face the unknown in order to access your full feminine power. This Soul Tattoo is a deep feminine healer that empowers your creativity and magic. Horsetail is a plant that came through strongly as I was drawing this design, as a guide to bridge the ego-self with the higher self, attuning you to your divinity. Horsetail reminds you that you are divine in flesh, that you are so much more powerful than you know, and you can heal and transmute anything. Horsetail asks you to stay open and trust your magic and your ability to heal yourself. You don’t need another person to come along and fix or save you, you are not broken and you cannot be saved by anyone other than yourself. Your higher self holds all the answers you seek.

This Soul Tattoo also is a deeply grounding ally. When you are anchored, you can navigate any storms of life. When you are anchored you maximize your energy. When you are anchored you are protected and guided by love. This design anchored you into your core and your heart, so that you may access your power and light. It is a reminder to nourish yourself and connect to the earth that you are.

Placement suggestions: Sternum

These tattoos are much deeper than skin or the art you see and should be received with intention and respect, creating sacred ceremony for yourself and space for your healing as you choose this medicine. These tattoos are designed in ceremony with the receiver in mind and will alter the vibration of the receiver when they choose this medicine. There are 4 copies to ever exist of each tattoo ticket design, weaving you together with a small, intimate group of people from all over the world who will carry this medicine, intention, and art alongside you.

Each Tattoo ticket receives a discount code for our Healing with Sacred Tattooing guide which can support you in empowering yourself in your healing journey using the sacred healing art that is tattooing. Not only does the guide share about the alchemy and energetic medicine of this work and how to use tattoos for your evolutionary journey to embody your soul’s truest expression, but also the energy of tattoo placements, support around preparing for tattoo ceremony, and integrating your healing, but also our School of the Sacred Arts intuitive artist directory where you may find an intuitive, intentional tattoo artist to work with near you.

Upon purchase of this tattoo ticket you will receive a PDF with your tattoo design, prayer, integration support, and info about accessing the Healing with Sacred Tattooing guide. Purchasing this tattoo ticket allows you to receive this tattoo art piece by another artist, but does not guarantee that I will be able to tattoo it myself. If down the line you would like to receive this art by me, please apply for a Soul Tattoo session when my books are open.

If this piece is stolen without permission or an energy exchange, please understand this is stealing and that vibration will greatly affect the energy of the tattoo, carrying a frequency of disrespect and dishonesty that will not support your healing. Please honor and respect my art and the magic of this sacred healing work. Respect for me is a reflection of respect for yourself! Thank you!

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