Soul Tattoo® Ticket – Love’s Embrace


Often along one’s path, they may experience spiritual disillusionment that separates them from their power. I see this often in people who don’t feel life is bringing to them what they need or desire, those who have had bad experiences in religion or spiritual circles, or those who have yet to embrace their full magical potential. This can often manifest as doubt and skepticism of the unseen spiritual work they are drawn to, ritual, ceremony, and even spiritual healing as a whole. The remedy here is to embrace the duality of life, enter the feminine mystery, and allow yourself to be moved by your divinity and be guided to expand your compassion for self, others, and ability to receive more love. This Soul Tattoo is here to support.

This Soul Tattoo is a warm embrace of your wise grandmother or ancestor’s arms. Cedar is the central energetic signature here, with its purifying and protective qualities awakening the heart to greater trust and ease as you transform and heal through life. Cedar is deeply magical yet strong and steady, true crone energy. The placement of this Soul Tattoo cleanses away separation from your soul’s expression and uplifts and warms the heart, while also clearing away burdens you carry from either past lives, ancestors, or current life karmic patterns that are ready to be transmuted into more love and wisdom. This tattoo feels like the way ritual feels, sacred and mysterious, profound yet subtle, magical yet rooted deeply in the presence of love. I feel strongly that this tattoo should be received in ceremony, whether you create that ceremony for yourself using your wisdom, my book Tending to the Sacred, or the Healing with Sacred Tattooing course as guides. The receivers of this medicine are beings ready to embrace the magical knowledge and enter the realms of the unseen to create their life from the source that is unconditional love, which they are never separated from. If you are experiencing separation from your spiritual self, spiritual awareness, or spiritual truth that you are divine, let cedar and this tattoo alchemy remind you of who you are.
Placement suggestions: Chest

These tattoos are much deeper than skin or the art you see and should be received with intention and respect, creating sacred ceremony for yourself and space for your healing as you choose this medicine. These tattoos are designed in ceremony with the receiver in mind and will alter the vibration of the receiver when they choose this medicine. There are 4 copies to ever exist of each tattoo ticket design, weaving you together with a small, intimate group of people from all over the world who will carry this medicine, intention, and art alongside you.

Each Tattoo ticket receives a discount code for our Healing with Sacred Tattooing guide which can support you in empowering yourself in your healing journey using the sacred healing art that is tattooing. Not only does the guide share about the alchemy and energetic medicine of this work and how to use tattoos for your evolutionary journey to embody your soul’s truest expression, but also the energy of tattoo placements, support around preparing for tattoo ceremony, and integrating your healing, but also our School of the Sacred Arts intuitive artist directory where you may find an intuitive, intentional tattoo artist to work with near you.

Upon purchase of this tattoo ticket, you will receive a PDF with your tattoo design, prayer, integration support, and info about accessing the Healing with Sacred Tattooing guide. Purchasing this tattoo ticket allows you to receive this tattoo art piece by another artist, but does not guarantee that I will be able to tattoo it myself. If down the line you would like to receive this art by me, please apply for a Soul Tattoo session when my books are open.

If this piece is stolen without permission or an energy exchange, please understand this is stealing and that vibration will greatly affect the energy of the tattoo, carrying a frequency of disrespect and dishonesty that will not support your healing. Please honor and respect my art and the magic of this sacred healing work. Respect for me is a reflection of respect for yourself! Thank you!

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