A Sovereign Journey of Remembrance, Reclamation, and Quantum Evolution






Soul Coronation is a 3-month rapid evolutionary journey for those ready to alchemize lifetimes of karma and free themselves to birth their soul’s legacy of light into the world.

Hey Powerful, Infinite  Soul
I see you in all your shining brilliance and potential
You’re a leader, a healer, teacher, dreamer, an artist, a powerful being with an important mission
You know you are here to do something BIG, to leave a legacy of beauty, healing and magic in this lifetime
You know you are here to be of service and help others grow
To change lives and activate more light on the planet
But something is holding you back or standing in the way of what you dream, desire from soul, see, know, or feel deep down
Maybe you know exactly what it is—the witch wound, your physical limitations, fear, karmic loops, or responsibilities at home
Maybe you sense your limitations but don’t quite know what caused them or how to release them—the agreements you have made before coming here, contracts you have signed with other souls, stories from past lives you are still carrying, things you are unconsciously choosing everyday that are not in integrity with your highest truth and authentic expression of your soul’s gifts
Things may not be flowing as quickly or easily as you see them in your visions
You may find yourself exhausted, burnt out by the sheer force of pursuing your dreams, frustrated that nothing is changing or that you keep repeating patterns and cycles
You may find yourself feeling disconnected from your creative pulse, the joy of creating, or the ecstatic flow that generates when you are in alignment
Maybe you are losing your motivation as quickly as it is sparked, or are feeling confused as you swim through the mystery of creation to reach your goals, staying afloat but not really reaching your destination
Or maybe you just get this sense that you are missing something…
You really want to shift into a completely new reality of this life, to transcend your limitations, fears, and blocks so you can live your destiny and do what your soul came here to do
Breathe In…Exhale…
I promise you, your destiny is waiting for you
You are not too late, you are right on time
And it doesn’t require you to DO more
To work more or to force or push your intended reality
It’s just right there
Can you sense it? Can you taste it, feel it, see it?
Your soul has ALL the keys
You hold ALL the power
You have ALL the answers
Are you willing to trust yourself enough to claim them?
Are you ready to just say yes to your souls light and own your crown?
You’re ready, sovereign queen

What if you could…

Simply say what you desire and watch reality shift in response, like magic

Attract miracles, wild synchronicity, flow, and abundance with ease, as if you were a cosmic magnet for what matches the frequency of your own light

Step out of painful or messy loops, suffering, struggles, or patterns of force as you create your life

Embody the Divine Mother/Creator/Source being of light you naturally are who can literally heal ANYTHING

RECEIVE for your service work so that you can live comfortably according to your soul’s desires

Experience greater harmony and reciprocity in your relationships as you clear karmic contracts and old ways of relating, aligning with your contracted helpers and guides in your soul family here to weave with you

Effortlessly listen to your soul every step of the way as they guide you

Courageously and boldly stand in your truth, share your voice, and express your wisdom and power

ENJOY your life to the fullest with more ease, passion, fun, play, adventure, and joy

Stop looking for the answers, strategies, or formulas outside of yourself that will get you to where you think you should be and simply align with YOUR soul who knows the way

Let go of anything standing in your way of being fully sovereign, empowered, and whole in your authentic essence and voice

Seed your dreams in the world with grace, ease, trust, and surrender to the magic and expanse that you are

You are here to liberate the world with your heavenly light 

And it can be SO easy

You can live safely from the heart and let go of the burdens of the mind

You can trust the soft, strong, magical feminine regenerative force that you are

You can be excited every day to walk your destiny path and show up for your dreams, your family, clients, community, and most of all, YOURSELF

It is time for you to choose:

Fate or Destiny

Control beyond your will or Spiritual Sovereignty

Settle for what you’ve been given or  claim what you DESIRE and are DESTINED for

Soul Coronation
A 3-month journey for conscious souls ready to change their world,
and THE world
It’s TIME to:
Birth your dreams into the world
Align with your highest purpose
Seed a legacy of light
Step fully into your sovereign power
Call forth all your grandest visions
Lead from your heart
Be seen with courage, confidence, and grace
Own your impact
And weave the life you came here to weave
  • 2 x 3-4 hour virtual sessions using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique/Past Life Regression

We will spend 1-2 hours of time together doing what I call “Karmic Dumping”, where you use the portal of your voice to spill out your life experiences, sharing the core memories, trauma, relationships, patterns, big events, and stickiest moments. This prepares the soul/super conscious to design our journey roadmap, as well as allows us to establish deep trust and prepare to journey together. We will then take time to cast forth your dreams, visions, intentions and goals to anchor the guideposts for the journey ahead, as well as come up with a list of all your most pressing unanswered questions about your life, love, healing, and anything in between.

The regression begins with placing you into a deep hypnosis state before we gently travel to other lifetimes. After I guide you through the lives that your soul chooses for you, I will call forth your super conscious and interview this wise part of you, instructing it to provide wisdom and facilitate the healing we need to align with you your highest timeline for this current lifetime. In these sessions will have your superconscious share plant medicines and practices to begin working with to support the reweaving and integration process as we journey through big reality shifting together.

  • 1 x 90 min virtual Soul Blueprint reading and creative coaching session to support the anchoring of your light and the activation of your soul’s medicine.

This session focuses on activating any dormant aspects of your souls blueprint and supporting you in integrating what you have been learning from your soul into present embodiment as you reclaim aspects of self that may have been hidden, denied, or dismissed by fear, shame, guilt, witch-wounding, etc.

  • 1 X 3-4 hour virtual Life between Lives QHHT session to understand and claim your destiny mission for your life.

In this session we will be regressing to your life just before this one, then crossing over to meet with your soul, soul council, and soul family to learn about your life plan, contracts, and purpose for your path, receiving messages from your own council of light and also enabling you to access your own wisdom as an immortal being of light and bring that into your current experience of reality to align with your destiny path. We will ask for the symbols, medicines, and codes that will be imprinted onto skin in Soul Tattoo ceremony in Month 3, and perform a body scan/healing to prepare the physical vessel to reaching the frequency of your Soul Tattoo which will act as an anointment of your sovereignty. We will also ask the superconscious where the tattoo should be placed and work on that area of the body to prepare to receive.

  • 1 x 4-6 hour Soul Tattoo ceremony in Los Angeles to ink your sacred marking channeled by your soul onto skin. An adornment of light as you mark your vessel with a amulet of your power that carries the memories, medicine, essence, and signature of your highest alignment and true source nature.

Each ceremony will be specially curated for each soul and include elements that came through during their hypnosis journeys, but will include a combination of breathwork, future life soul meditation regression, song/sound, plant medicine, and ancient feminine ritual arts practices to support the receiving of your marking.

  • 1 x 90 min virtual integration session
About two weeks after your coronation ceremony we will gather for one final integration session to anchor all you’ve stepped into, bless, and close our container, sending you off as the queen of your realm to weave your dreams.
What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

QHHT® is a comfortable, powerful, safe, and wildly transformative method of quantum healing using hypnotherapy that puts your soul in the driver’s seat as we time travel through lifetimes, access soul memories, and blueprints that have healing, instructions, and transformative information for you on your current life journey.

QHHT® achieves the deepest level of hypnosis possible, the Somnambulistic level of trance. The Somnambulistic state is ordinarily experienced two times a day: just before becoming awake and just before falling asleep. This technique of hypnosis pioneered by Dolores Cannon allows us to time travel and dance between the realms with great ease as we get to know our soul’s history, essence, and magic, connecting you to the wisest, most powerful, magical, creative part of you—your super conscious, higher self, of simply the vast slice of Source that you are, carrying infinite knowledge and wisdom, in order to create change on the deepest level possible.

This modality is SOUL powerful because it allows you to fully witness just how magical and infinite you are as a healer/creator/soul beyond the conditioned subconscious beliefs and limitations of the mind!

Each regression begins with placing you into a deeply soothing, peaceful hypnosis state before we begin to gently and safely travel to other lifetimes and between lives. After I guide you through the lives that your soul chooses for you (typically 1-3 lives per session with a past life regression depending on how easily you are able to drop in and move through changing realities) or journey to your life between lives (accessing your spirit form and spirit council and family in the spirit realm), I will call forth your super conscious and interview this infinitely wise part of you, guiding it to provide profound wisdom and facilitate the healing we need to align with you your highest timeline for this current lifetime.

I have witnessed this technique heal chronic pain, detox the body of anything limiting it’s full optimization and soul expression, shrink tumors, rapidly expand one’s consciousness, deliver profound messages of insight and guidance, clear the path to quantum leap into new realities, and redirect the sitter with their highest timeline and soul’s truest essence.

And the best part—it is all guided by the most powerful part of YOU. Your powerful mind is the ship as we sail upon the infinite ocean of divine consciousness, I am the captain directing, and your superconscious holds our map. Together we will let your super conscious take us to the healing treasures that will liberate your expression and clear away anything holding you back from your fullest visions, truth, and potential for LIFE.

This container is woven for healers, leaders, creative pioneers, and big dreamers who are ready to activate their soul’s blueprint and quantum leap into their destiny. The wisdom, love, power, and light you will uncover, remember, and reclaim in this container will expand your perception of reality, yourself, and your purpose.
Are you ready for an expansive, cosmic, magical soul adventure?
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1 x payment of $10,000
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  • Bonus Future Life Hypnosis session prior to Soul Tattoo Ceremony
  • WhatsApp voice memo/text support for the duration of the container
  • Free access to any classes offered outside the container during the 3-month period
2 x payments of $5,250
  • WhatsApp voice memo/text support for the duration of the container
  • Free access to any classes offered outside the container during the 3-month period
3 x payment of $3,500
  • WhatsApp voice memo/text support for the duration of the container
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