Due to the amount of preparation, time, depth, and energy that goes into each ceremony, the following policies are in place. 

As of Fall 2023 1:1 Private Soul Tattoo® Ceremonies are a flat fee of $3,000

Each Soul Tattoo ceremony is 4-6 hours on average, depending on what is coming through in the ceremony as well as the tattoo size. The soul regression is 3-4 hours and must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the tattoo ceremony, either in person or online. 

Each appointment requires a NON-REFUNDABLE $800 deposit upon booking to hold your spot. This deposit is an energetic commitment and devotion to your process. Your transformational process begins the moment you fill out your application and deepens the moment you commit to a date and send in your deposit. The rest of the payment is due at least 3 days prior to your ceremony. 

Ashley only holds space for a couple of ceremonies per month as each ceremony takes about 10-15 hours between the regression session, designing, preparation, and the ceremony facilitation. 

Cancellations made up a week before your ceremony will not require final payment. 

Any cancellations made after 48 hours leading up to your appointment day will forfeit your full payment. 

Ashley allows one rescheduling with your deposit held as long as your appointment is for a rescheduled date within 60 days of your original date, and is rescheduled at least a week in advance of your original date. 


Residency rates may be slightly higher to account for travel and studio expenses but follow the same guidelines and policies as above.

Because of additional studio space rental, any cancelations for a residency no matter the timing will incur a $250 cancellation fee.

No shows will incur a full appointment fee. Please respect the time, energy, and devotion of this sacred work.

We understand that there are emergencies and we can work with you on a case by case basis if you need to reschedule at the last minute due to an emergency!