You behold the creative pulse of life

You are an expansive, eternal soul, infinitely creative by nature, the whole Universe in sacred form, filled with wild dreams, desires, and great purpose and potential to heal, grow, and seed your light into the world.

It is in the dark mystery of life which you embody that you may find all the keys, answers, power, and wisdom that can guide you to true creative sovereignty. 

Are you ready to cross the threshold into your most sovereign and liberated life?

I am Ashley River
A ceremonial tattooist, creative alchemist, soul guide, bridge between worlds, and published author. My soul’s purpose is the journey of supporting you in the liberation of your soul essence in order to show up fully expressed in your voice, dreams, desires, passions, and creative potential in this life, guiding you to awaken the innate power, wisdom, and sacred magic you carry within, reminding you of your innate alchemy and light.

I gently but passionately guide you across the threshold

into an expanded reality, walking you into your most courageous expression of service, purpose, and destiny.

My primary modality is a form of ceremonial tattooing called Soul Tattooing. Soul Tattoos are a multidimensional form of machine-free tattooing designed to transform, activating and anchoring more of your soul light, potential, and gifts into embodied expression, channeling symbols and medicines from your soul’s memory and blueprint and encoding that into body form in sacred ceremony.

Art that Transforms
High vibrational, soul imprinted symbols of light channeled and inked by hand onto skin as a tool for quantum transformation and soul liberation.
A form of Energy Healing
Soul Tattoos can expand your awareness of reality, clear stagnation in the body and energy pathways, activate dormant expressions of self, draw out more of your Truth, nourish the spirit, and elevate your ability to create from your soul.
A Ceremony of Remembrance
These sacred ceremonies connect you to the ancient wisdom and magic within yourself, guiding you home to who you are, and activating remembrances of your own alchemy and expansive creative potential as a infinite soul.

Pull a card.

Ashley’s Messages from the Heart of the Divine oracle deck offer healing support and loving guidance for your evolutionary creative path.

Enroll in Remembering Your Way Home, a 6-module self-guided evolutionary journey in returning home to your light, purpose, creative power, and magic, remembering who you are and tethering yourself back to your life source as an infinite being of love.

Ashley’s book Tending to the Sacred is a guide for remembering the sacredness within the earth, yourself, and spirit through the self-healing artform of ritual.

Come home to the sacred magic within.

Women in their creative power can weave Heaven on Earth

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