Your Soul is calling

You are an expansive, eternal soul, infinitely creative by nature, the whole Universe in form, filled with expansive dreams, potential, and placed on this earth to transform, heal, and blossom into your soul’s truest expression. The key to unlocking your truth and magic is to connect to the voice of your soul, the voice within that is attuned to the wisdom of the cosmos, designed to anchor the heavens on earth, heal you, guide you towards your purpose, and create anything from nothing.

It is the voice of your soul calling you to create your dreams, live out your soul’s purpose, and grow into the Human Divine you were born to be.

Are you ready to listen?
I am a ceremonial tattooist, artist, author, and threshold guide. My soul’s mission is the journey of liberating the voice, dreams, desires, and creative potential of the feminine, awakening you to the innate alchemical power, wisdom, and soul magic you carry within, guiding you to remember your true creative nature.
It would be an honor to weave soul alchemy with you

I support you in 

bringing more of your soul’s true essence and light into your body to liberate your voice, creative expression, healing power, Truth and purpose through a modality I created called Soul Tattoo® ceremonies.

Soul Tattooing is a multidimensional form of ceremonial tattooing designed to transform and heal, activating and anchoring more and more of your creative magic, soul light, potential, and feminine gifts.

Art that Transforms
Symbols of light that are channeled into physical art and tattooed on the skin as a tool for transformation and soul liberation.
A form of Energy Healing
Soul tattooing can shift your awareness, clear stagnation in the body and energy body, activate dormant expressions of self, draw out more of your Truth, and elevate your ability to create from your soul.
A Ceremony of Remembrance
These sacred ceremonies connect you to the ancient wisdom and magic within, guiding you home to who you are, and activating remembrances of how to be a beautiful bridge between human and Divine.

Discover what message Love has for you today.

Ashley’s Messages from the Heart of the Divine oracle cards offer healing support and loving guidance for your evolutionary path.