I have always been an artist deeply attuned to the natural world and the way She creates. 

I saw myself in the bloom and decay of the flowers, the fierceness of rose thorns, and the power of the roaring but sometimes still river of the lands I grew upon. I was born and raised in the magical, misty swamps between South West Florida and New Orleans, where the ancient feels very much alive within the earth.

I have always been a traveler through many dimensions and lands for as long as I can remember. I have lived in 11 states and 3 countries before I was 18. My path has called me to many places on this earth, I believe, to listen.

Sacred listening has been my greatest tool in remembering who I am and letting my soul lead.

Growing up without a secure home, 
with domestic abuse and complex trauma, I spent a lot of time hiding and
retreating into my inner world.

Nature and the unseen are where I felt safest, and the voice of my soul sang my system to rest, reminding me that we have a big purpose to step into when it is time.

I grew up witnessing, for witnessing life and how others interact, in my opinion, is where we can extract the most profound teachings of this human experience. My early childhood trauma and connection to the unseen made me hyper-aware and highly sensitive. Along with my gifts of mediumship, I spent a lot of time not being anchored in my body but living in between worlds. I have always observed the subtle, things that most people miss, not understanding why other people did not see to see/hear/sense what I did.

In my youth,

I lived part-time with my mystical, free-spirited grandmother who raised me on all things esoteric, art, and pleasure. We spent much of our time reading tarot, listening to Prince, preparing ritual baths, and eating lemon pie straight out of the box. When she passed, my whole world was shattered and reconfigured in a new way.

I left “home” at 18, the year my grandmother transitioned from this realm. She instantly became an even bigger guide, a beacon of support, and a teacher on my spiritual path. Her death awakened me to my gifts and catapulted me onto a path of divination and the healing arts.

I dropped out of art school after less than 2 years and went on to spend a decade studying various forms of divination, energy healing, breathwork, and plant spirit communication/earth shamanism with various teachers, mentors, and guides, both in form and unseen. This path guided me to allow more and more of my authentic expression and how creation and spirit move through me to be my healing.

In 2014 I began hand tattooing and in 2016 I channeled my Soul Tattoo® modality of alchemical ceremonial tattooing as a bridge between soul and embodiment

which catapulted me into a level of expansion I could have never predicted, leading to teaching and sharing this transformative work with thousands of people all over the world.

In 2019 I signed with my publisher, Sounds True, and went on to write my book Tending to the Sacred, and create my oracle deck, Messages from the Heart of the Divine, both released in 2021. And in 2021, I began writing my second book and oracle deck.

Along my journey, I have transformed through a million deaths and rebirths as the feminine does to step into why I am here, following the voice of my soul that I formed a connection to in my youth, to create, guide, and lead. I will always continue to dream big and dedicate my path to feminine creative liberation because what we can create is infinite and needed.

My hope is

that through my work I can help align you with your innate magic, gifts, soul expression, wisdom, feminine voice, and the way creation infinitely flows through you as a Divine vessel for life.

The way you know how to dream, attune to the infinite, birth, grow, grieve, and dance to the wild, mysterious rhythms of this life. The way desire burns through your belly as a pathway to anchoring down your grandest visions, seeds of potential planted in every woman. The way that creation is your most natural design.

We all have a unique voice and creative expression to share, a medicine that may have never come to earth before but is needed more than ever in these unprecedented times.
The greatest teaching you can ever learn is to allow for more of your soul to flow through in all that you do. That is your healing balm to offer the world.
I currently reside in the high desert lands of Santa Fe, New Mexico where I offer Soul Tattoo ceremonies.