Upon inheriting my Grandmother’s film cameras after her passing as a teenager, I fell endlessly and deeply in love with the process of witnessing life through film.

It became the lens through which I processed the transformational cycles of living, photographing nature through her cycles of decay and bloom, and seeing this mirrored in myself and all beings.

Taking photos became an outlet for me to remember how beautiful this life is, in all its mysterious phases, both light and shadow.

For the past decade-plus I have been around the world shooting 35 mm, 120 mm, and polaroid film content,
not only for designers, brands, healers, online and print publications, retreats, and artists, but also for myself as an avenue of deep healing, learning to intimately see myself, and others, through the lens of raw and primal love, truth, acceptance, and sacredness.


What I love about film photography is the grounded presence, trust, and patience it asks of you. There is no instant gratification or immediate results. It isn’t a medium of expression that can be rushed, manipulated, or even perfected, no different from our modern age of social media, iPhones, and apps that distort your appearance. With film, we are not focused on the outcome, but the feeling of being present in co-creation with nature, and the nature that we are. We are surrendering to a more natural beauty and essence of creation that pulses through our hearts.

My photography

work is rooted in intention. It is a ritual of returning to your inner muse, to nature, to your truest embodiment.

I pre-treat many of my rolls of film in an intuitive botanical potion to bring an alchemy of intentional energy to each roll shot, creating unique magic that unfolds during the ceremony of witnessing. In my sessions we connect intimately to the land we are creating on, and our hearts.

We set intentions, create sacred space, commune with the plants, and dance with the shadows and the light. Each photoshoot becomes a story told by the sacred humming of our hearts, the heart of the Earth, and the rhythm of creation.

Within this medium,
I am available for retreats, brand content packages, editorial stories, album art, and more. To collaborate, please get in touch and fill out the form below.

Brand Package

Starting rate for a 1-day photo shoot (up to 6 hours), up to 2 locations, and 44 edited final images, is $2,200.

This offering is for brands and businesses looking for full website photography, campaign work, social media, and publication content. In this package, we will connect virtually to discuss intentions/visions for your offering and what you are wanting to create and project through your unique expression, product, and/or and gifts. The focus in these collaborations is the story being told through the body of work you are sharing, your unique creative expression, and the energetic signature of your brand/work. These sessions are typically when I roll up my sleeves and tune into set/ambiance to create a scene, which can include scouting locations, designing/producing a mood, etc. Reach out below for more details.

Retreat Photography

I am available for capturing your retreat. I have photographed retreats from The Sierra Mountains to the mountains of Northern Italy.

My gifts of being a ceremonialist, space holder, and a woman attuned to the subtle are reflected in this work.

I like to be involved in the experience of the retreat to accurately capture it, but also tend to act a bit like a fly on the wall and simply witness the alchemical process that is happening among the group.

Since I don’t have much equipment, just me and my camera, I tend to go unnoticed while capturing ceremonies, but also respect your wishes and needs as you create sacred space.

I am also available to offer ceremonial portrait sessions as a part of your retreat or event. Reach out for rates as they vary upon location/length of time.

  • All photography is captured on film. Film photography is raw, messy, grainy, imperfect, and magical, just like you. Not every photo is perfect but is an art piece that captures the energy of the moment. Film captures energy and light in a way digital photography cannot, making the images so special and reflective of your essence and magic.
  • Mini photography sessions are available as an add-on to any Soul Tattoo ceremony. Please inquire within your application if you would like to learn more and book time for photos as a part of your healing experience.
  • Traveling – I am available for travel when aligned. Reach out if you have a vision in mind and want to connect. I am also available for photoshoots anywhere that I offer Soul Tattoo residencies.